Zero Nicotine Vaping- Is It Really Possible?

With vaping, everything is possible, and lucky to all hedonists out there, it is also available as a zero-nicotine option. So, to get directly to the point- yes, zero nicotine vaping is possible!

Vaping has been around for quite a while and it’s constantly growing in popularity. Modern vape devices are changing the idea of smoking being ‘cool’ to obsolete. This comes as no surprise, being known that vaping is not in any way as harmful as smoking is. As people are turning to healthier habits in all aspects of living, it comes as no surprise that many choose to turn to vape and use safe and modern devices such as the Suorin Air Pod. Additionally, vaping is so versatile that it is appealing to everyone and it can be practiced for the purpose of nicotine intake or pure pleasure as a nicotine-free choice.

Let’s take a look at zero nicotine vaping as an available alternative that is considered the safest vape practice!

What Is Zero Nicotine Vaping?

Zero nicotine vaping is considered every vaping practice that includes vape juice (e-liquid) that is nicotine-free. Since vaping is a combination of an electronic device that uses e-liquid to produce vapor, the combinations and choices are numerous. Moreover, zero nicotine vaping is enabled when the consumer chooses to pair its vaping device with a nicotine-free e-liquid.

Almost all manufacturers produce vape juices that contain nicotine and vape juices that are completely free of nicotine. So it’s a rather personal choice. Every reusable vape device can also be used with nicotine-infused or nicotine-free juice. Moreover, both options come in all sorts of flavors, meaning that zero nicotine vaping is possible for any taste preference also.

Can You Switch from Smoking to Zero Nicotine Vaping?

As we already discussed, zero nicotine vaping is an available option for everyone. Despite that, many people will demand that it’s possible to switch to zero nicotine vaping, but this is only a personal point of view. Moreover, a nicotine addict may find it hard or even impossible to switch from smoking to zero nicotine vaping right away. For such cases, switching to nicotine vaping is the transition point to zero nicotine vaping. This is why many believe and confirm that vaping helps smokers quit once and for all.

Nicotine addicts that wish to quit smoking or at least quit the nicotine intake, choose to switch from traditional smoking to nicotine-infused vaping. Luckily, there are e-juices available containing different levels of nicotine. Therefore, one can start with a high nicotine dosage and gradually decrease it over time, until the point of switching to zero nicotine vape juice. When it comes to nicotine addiction, a slow decrease of the daily nicotine dosage has shown to be the most successful way to freeing from addiction. On another note, there also are modern vape devices available like vape pods and vape mods that allow the user to automatically set the level of nicotine for the daily vaping dose.

In conclusion, when it comes to vaping, the choices are endless, and thus, zero nicotine vaping is possible for everyone who chooses to be nicotine-free and still practice vaping.

What Makes Vaping a Healthier Alternative for Smokers?

Nicotine-free or not, vaping is, for many reasons, a healthier alternative to smoking. Medical experts encourage people that are smokers to turn to vape if they don’t want to, or can’t cut off smoking. As we are already aware, smoking is by any means dangerous and a common cause of death among people. This is due to the uncontrolled substances that are included in traditional smokes together with the addictive properties of nicotine. That being said, traditional cigarettes are a ready-packed product that is by any means harmful to your health.

On the other hand, vaping is a practice that uses electronic devices that in order to produce vapor and simulate the smoking process, uses liquids. These liquids are made of highly controlled substances and can be chosen per preference. Not only can one choose to exclude nicotine from the daily vaping routine, but it can also choose the e-liquid they think it’s the most quality and in the preferred flavor.

One thing you may not know about vaping is that it is possible to vape CBD oil. Though it is not recommended to directly insert the Vibes CBD oil you would normally take orally and instead get an oil specifically made for vaping to minimise risk of burning the product. CBD oil when vaped can help reduce stress as well as provide pain relief for several conditions. You can read more about CBD oil or similar oils that have great health benefits on the preceding link.

If you do opt for the use of CBD vape oil then you will need to check out the variety of strengths that are available and see what levels of THC are in each one. The use of CBD-enriched cannabis extracts has been shown to have positive effects but some people may react to the THC component and will need to make sure that they are using safe products. One approach to ensure that you are going to be making use of premium cbd products (a high-quality CBD oil, in this case) is to get it from a licensed source or by word of mouth from a friend. For those seeking relief from pain and other symptoms without the mind-altering effects of marijuana or certain pharmaceuticals, CBD could be an attractive option. There are a number of websites, such as CBD Health Formulas (, where you may learn more about them before purchasing them.

To conclude, vaping is versatile and it is a healthier way to proceed with practicing smoking. However, the level of safety and health concerns/benefits from vaping depends on the person’s choice of device and vape juice. The consumer should always make sure to purchase from a reliable retailer and read the labels. High-quality devices are highly recommended. With vape juices, one should read the label and make sure all the ingredients included are safe to use and do not cause any harm.

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