Reasons why bloggers globally are losing Instagram followers

You will not find cliche reasons here (such as, ‘post on time, ‘post less’, your feed is not good, etc) ?

Recently, all Instagram bloggers have been complaining about a drastic drop in followers. I did some digging and given below are the reasons,

1. The main reason and most obvious one is Instagram is deleting bots/fake accounts and inactive accounts,

All bloggers, influencers and public figures have several bots following them because of the hashtags we use (bots are trained and machined to follow people with certain hashtags or tagged geolocations. This explains why everyone receives random emoji comments or generic compliments). The only reason bloggers were getting followers at a fast pace initially was because of these bots by the way! But since we are seeing a shift and contrast at the pace of receiving followers – we worry that our followers are unfollowing us.

As per a study, over 30% of our followers are bots. Which is why our engagement reduces with a (dramatic) increase in the number of followers.

2. According to DownDetectorInstagram has been having issues

Just yesterday, I was not able to like several pictures for an hour or so because Instagram was having issues. Recently, 30% of the people were not able to log-in too.

3. Instagram wants to hide the spammers

Instagram is sensitive to high activity because it wants to cut down on spamming, so even an innocent account may appear like it’s spamming if there’s too much activity all at once. Sometimes they’ll limit likes or follows, or place the account into a limiting period for a few hours. It helps to space out the likes/follows over hours and days, and take time off after a lot of activity.

4. The Follow Bug – Google it (I swear it’s true)

2 years ago Instagram got a bug… the follow bug (or bugs I must say)! Many users had seen their number of followers increase out of proportions due to this BUGger and made people gain thousands of fans. Instagram took measures to remove them and apparently it was back a few months ago (which is why we noticed a sudden increase in followers), and now it’s being taken away again. Confusing? I know ?

5. Hashtags are not working and Shadow bans

Even though you follow every single rule and don’t breach any of Instagrams policies, Instagram is shadowban(ning) people and hashtags are just not working! Click here to read more on that.


On January 18, 2017 @Instagram tweeted (and deleted): We know some Instagrammers are experiencing issues with the app. We’re working on a fix!

Fingers crossed guys! Hope this gets fixed soon ?

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