Attending Your First Rock Concert? Some Advice

With the world opening back up again, rock concerts are restarting. Finally, now that it’s 2022, we’re looking at the prospect of seeing our favorite stars in person, not just through a screen. 

Going to a rock concert, though, is a bit of a logistical minefield. It’s such a radically different environment from how we’ve been spending the majority of our lives for the last few years, it can be challenging to know what to do. 

Fortunately, this post is here to help. We provide some advice for those of you attending your first rock concert (or anything similar for that matter). Check out our advice below: 

Stay Alert

Rock concerts should be places people go to have fun, but there are always bad eggs in the crowd. Most venues don’t look into people’s backgrounds or vet them before allowing them access. Instead, if they buy a ticket, they’re in. 

For that reason, you need to stay alert. Be vigilant. If you can, go with a group of people who have your back. You’ll find that the majority of fellow moshers are friendly and respectable people but, as always, there are exceptions. 

Protect Yourself From The Noise

Rock concerts are loud – really loud. It’s not unusual for sounds to exceed 120 decibels close to the speakers. That’s enough to permanently damage your ears in less than a minute. 

To get around this, learn more about hearing protection. Generally, you have two options: ear muffs or ear plugs. Ear muffs probably aren’t practical for a rock concert, but plugs are. You simply insert them into your ears before the music starts to protect your hearing. 

If you’re worried about the sound being muffled, you can now buy special ear plugs that help to keep it intact. All that will happen is that the music will sound quieter than it would without them. There won’t be any loss of fidelity. In fact, you might actually be able to hear it better by reducing the volume. 

Only Take Essentials With You

You don’t want to go to a concert with a handbag full of possessions. It’ll just be a burden, and you’ll have nowhere to put it. 

Ideally, the only object you want on your body, except your clothing, is your phone. You can use this to show ticket officials that you have a ticket and, if you have payment options, for payment too. 

Don’t bring anything else with you. Avoid taking cash if you can as it can easily spill out on the floor or be pickpocketed. 

Wear The Right Clothes

If you’re heading to a rock concert, be sure to wear the right clothes. Remember, you’ll probably be standing for a long time, particularly if there are supporting acts. Heels aren’t usually practical. You’ll get sore quickly. 

Rock concert veterans wear sneakers. This way, they can keep their balance, remain comfortable and dance to their hearts’ content. They also take lightweight rain proofs and ponchos with them if the concert is outside, just in case it starts to rain. 

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