Honest Hypoxi review & how I lost 17cms in 2 months

Cellulite is a bi#ch, if you’re a handsome man or a beautiful woman. This was the ONE thing that I couldn’t get rid off. I’m one of those people, who experiments a lot with weight! I gain weight as fast as I lose it ? I have even tried BURNING the cellulite with some weird machine that passes around 75-80 degs of heat or something. Yea, I’m crazy ?

So.. What is HYPOXI?

This is one treatment that actually DID work for me. I’m going to be honest and even tell you when it didn’t!

Hypoxi is the smart way to target stubborn body fat. It is x3 more effective than walking on a treadmill, inspite of being just a quick 30 minute workout. It reduces cellulite and firms your skin, reclaims your shape, it’s suitable for everyone ?

The science behind it is simple – we all have those areas of stubborn fat and cellulite that regular exercise just won’t budge no matter how many kilometers we run or Yoga sessions we do. For women, it’s the hips, bottom, and thighs while for men it’s the belly, abdomen, and love handles ? These stubborn areas exist because blood circulation in these areas is poor. HYPOXI® combines vacuum and compression with low impact exercise and healthy nutrition to optimize fat burning in these problem areas in order to circulate your blood in those target areas through vacuum therapy and then removes the fatty acid from these areas during the compression phase. Light aerobic exercise within the patented vacuum chamber stimulates the metabolism of the fat in the stubborn areas thereby burning fat more effectively than conventional exercise?

There are 4 services HYPOXI offers (for MEN & WOMEN):

1. Dermology

Dermology treatment simulates a gentle massage without direct skin contact ?‍♂️ The benefits include releasing the toxins stored in your muscles, improved skin texture, removing water retention and cellulite reduction! It’s similar to cupping, the ancient application of Chinese medicine. HYPOXI adopted the technique and developed it into a contemporary and sophisticated body treatment ?

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2. S120

Cycling in a vacuum chamber whilst SITTING. Ideal for women with pear-shaped bodies, who have a big backside basically ?

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3. L250

Cycling in a vacuum chamber whilst LYING DOWN. Ideal for women with pear-shaped bodies, who have a big backside ?

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4. Vacunaut

Vacunaut is just walking on the treadmill. It is ideal for apple shaped men and women with excess fat around the stomach and waist ?

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My experience

For EVERYONE asking. NO it doesn’t hurt ? It is NON-INVASIVE! They just put a skirt thingy on you (see image below), the seams attach to the circumference of those chambers. Then air/vacuum is created within that chamber and that pressure makes that skirt thing go up and down (pulses basically), get what I mean? ?‍♂️

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What I LOVE:

  • I try to do dermology before S120 as I suffer from water retention. I feel my results are better if I do this. While I’m in the suit it also feels like a tight 20 minute hug ? The pulsation of squeezing and releasing is satisfying and makes my body feel much lighter towards the end.
  • I LOVE L250 vs S120. Apparently, if you’ve got a big butt and thunder thighs (like me), lying down and rotating your legs (cycling motion) helps in lymphatic drainage. You feel sparks on your thigh, which is GREAT, so although the results from L250 & S120 are the same, L250 is far easier ?
  • They have several branches. I can go to whichever! I usually visit the Murooj Rotana branch since it’s closest to my house
  • I’ve never felt this much difference in my cellulite, it’s INSANE! It definitely is evident, but not as much as it used to be. There was a point where my stomach was completely out, I never took a picture of it as I was too embarrassed to even do so, but below is a close representation of how it was (got it from Google) ?

I’ve now lost 17cms in total (waist + legs). Most of it (~6cms) is from my thighs.

What I didn’t like:

  • This is the second time I’m giving HYPOXI a shot. The first time I failed. I went for 2-3 classes and was like wtf is this? It doesn’t work. I gave it a shot AGAIN after 2 years and actually committed to it and I finally did see a difference. If you go for JUST 2-3 classes, you will not see a result. It’s only after the 6th class or so will you see a difference ?
  • Apparently the more you do HYPOXI, the more fat you lose + the more toned you’ll become. I didn’t lose any weight though cuz usually when you just lose fat, it doesn’t really show on the scale, not really sure how that works ? I do some muscle workout too at the side, rarely, so probably it’s muscle weight?
  • You need to commit. If you don’t come 3 times a week AT LEAST, it may not work on you. It’s just 30 mins, you can do it
  • I CAN’T do the S120. I’ve got a big butt so while the pressure is pulling me down, it REALLY hurts and I get a super sore butt the next day. I’ve given it a shot several times, I just don’t like it ?
  • HYPOXI works. Thus, it’s a challenge to even get an appointment here, please pre-book.
  • Being disciplined was a pain!! Below are the guidelines you must follow (especially intermittent fasting/12h’ish not eating). The aim is, to just not eat anything 3-4 hours before sleeping. I was/am a bad student, thus, results aren’t as great as they should be. Also, I attend a lot of tastings, my lifestyle sucks!

Cost of HYPOXI

They don’t sell per session, it’s per course = ~ 15 sessions

My Goal

I’ve always had and still have chubby arms. Losing fat on my lower body was a challenge and that’s been met, but now I’m trying to do arm workouts to tone my biceps ? Additionally, healthy eating is essential. I try eating healthy over the week (I may just have a bar of chocolate or cookie if I’m tempted) but cheat only over the weekend.

There’s no point working out so much if you don’t watch the food you eat. I wouldn’t have been able to lose cms or weight without healthy food (don’t diet, just eat right) ? I find it easier to just have a meal plan, I order from Simply Healthy Diets. Click here to read my review on them and costs for the same (remember, sometimes even intolerances make you gain weight, there was a time I gained 4kgs just by dieting, I’ve explained everything in this article)!

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Contact Details

HYPOXI has 6 branches. Their website is www.bodysmart.ae and contact number is 043638318. If you use my name you get 20% off. This ain’t a sales pitch, I make no money off this, it’s purely #nonsponsored, but it will benefit you ? Suggestion: Your first session is free (as a trial), so try for yourself, what works for me, may not work for you.

If you have any questions, let me know below or just comment on this Instagram post! ?

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