How to motivate children to read more

Make room for reading in your schedule. If your children have a very busy schedule, with reading crammed between swimming and cello lessons, he or she may perceive reading as being just another boring chore. 😩 Allow reading to be a separate activity, meant to offer your children some moments of joy and relaxation.

Make read-aloud with your children a regular practice. By reading aloud, your kids will develop an interest in reading. 🔚 Select your literature very carefully, taking into consideration the age and the interests of your children. Keep the read-aloud time habit even when your children get older, as even teenagers enjoy being read to. Consider buying audiobooks, as they may suit reluctant readers and make them read more this way. ğŸ§

Invest in creating a peaceful reading space for your child. A dedicated nook may entice your children into spending more time reading their favorite books. 😠Motivate kids to read more with reading nooks. The books you make available shouldn’t be beyond your children’s abilities to read. Even the most interested child will lose interest in reading if the book is too difficult for her age or for her understanding capacity. 😮 Therefore, you can either take the help of any of the reputed children’s book ghostwriters for hire and ask them to draft customized stories for the child (maybe even by keeping the child as the protagonist of the story) or choose any available book that the child can comprehend.

Consider adding variation to the reading material. Fiction may be one of the top genres children love, but that shouldn’t stop you from adding novels, joke books, comics, biographies, DIY and even cookbooks. 👠Children’s magazines are also awesome tools to develop their interest in reading and to keep them motivated for a long time.

Invite your reluctant reader to read picture books to their younger siblings. 👨”👩”👧”👦 This will feel like fun while providing great opportunities to practice reading. Buddy reading can be yet another trick to make your struggling reader stay motivated. Buddy reading will help your child become more fluent and more confident in his reading abilities. Pick an entertaining book that matches your child’s level and read a few pages aloud. Stop reading and invite your child to take over, if he really wants to find out what happens next. 🤩

Show your love for reading. When your kids will notice your passion for reading, they will likely want to follow your example. Enable your kids to access books. Put together a home library. 🔚 Go to your local public library with the children. Whenever they will decide to give reading a try, they should find a book already waiting for them at their fingertips! ✋ If all else fails there is always the option to create a reward system where if they accomplish a yearly goal they can be given a gift such as a children’s electric car, which is exactly what my friend did.

If you want some more tips, here are some from Teaching Personnel that you could use to encourage children to read more.

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