No-equipment home workouts during Quarantine & Instagram accounts for your quarantine fitness!

Want to come out of quarantine slayin’? Follow these simple workouts you can do at home with no equipment at all!

Vilina Ahuja, popularly known as Vilcreates, is one of the few makeup artists that can leave you wondering if your eyes are playing tricks on you. And the answer is no – she’s just that good! Along with her make-up skills that borderline resemble sorcery, she’s also super passionate about fitness and fashion, and posts everything from workouts and dances to quarantine-meal preps!

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Below are her top 9 favorite no-equipment home workouts that she lives by (this is especially a “Workout for Dummies” kinda article, like myself). Doing reps of a few of these, gradually building up the pace and number is recommended! You can also check out the post from that discusses how to do a great home workout plan.

1. 1-minute plank

Planks work your core, so essentially, they’re good for your whole body! They work your chest, back, neck, shoulders, and abs and thus improve your overall posture too. Also, for this exercise, you might need a yoga mat to give you that proper grip. And, while you’re looking for one, you may want to check out Yoga foam blocks, as they may be helpful for your other variations.


  • Plank shoulder taps
  • Forearm plank reach-out
  • Plank with spinal rotation
  • Plank jacks (like jumping jacks but in plank form– adding a little cardio to a basic core strengthening exercise)

2. Mountain Climbers

Great compound exercise and good for your core strength! This exercise works several joints and muscle groups simultaneously, while also targeting your glutes and leg muscles, including your quadriceps and hamstrings. An exercise that should be incorporated in everyone’s routine regularly!

3. Push-ups

Not everyone’s cup of tea because you need a significant amount of upper-body strength to do a proper full push-up. That’s why there are many variations you can do to build up to a proper push-up. These include knee push-ups, wall push-ups, and incline push-ups – all basically working your body strength and building it up to a full push-up. This also improves core strength and posture.


  • Diamond push-ups: These concentrate on your triceps more than regular push-ups

4. Squats & Lunges

These come under the same category because both are functional exercises that make your lower body stronger.
Squats are more beginner-friendly while lunges take more coordination and balance, but both can be considered easy exercises. Squats improve overall muscle strength, while lunges define the legs and glutes, while improving balance and coordination.


  • Jump-squats
  • Jump-lunges

5. Sit-ups, V-ups, Bicycle kicks and Leg raises

Bundling all the most-known exercises to strengthen, tighten and tone the abdominal muscles. These exercises also tone down the obliques, strengthens your back muscles and challenges the entire core. It also improves flexibility, though considerable caution must be taken to perform the exercises in an effective and safe manner.

6. Tricep dips

My favorite at-home strength exercise is because it really burns your triceps, and it really works in defining them. This exercise also strengthens the chest and shoulders. Note: Your technique plays a crucial role in working the right muscles, so make sure to do it right!

7. Glute Bridges

Works your glutes and hamstrings and improves hip mobility. This exercise also targets your core, low back, and hips, and helps build and tighten your booty. This is also a great daily exercise for those who want to get rid of lower back pains!

8. Burpees

You either love or hate burpees. Believes for the full benefit of a burpee, do a full burpee (also known as floor burpees). A full burpee works everything – chest, back, arms, glutes, legs. Amongst all the other exercises, burpees can increase your heart rate the most if done correctly and at a good pace – which burns more fat.

9. Inchworms

Another exercise that needs no equipment and targets your whole body. You walk into a plank position, reach out as far as you can and walk back to standing position. This engages multiple muscles to support your body weight when you get into plank and leave it.

If you are based in Dubai, there are also plenty of Personal Trainers that could help you during your fitness journey, even when gyms are closed! Fitlov for example, helps you find the best-qualified trainers in Dubai and create your own fitness plan. Their trainers are specialized in an array of workouts – from HIIT to yoga, and with the current lockdown, they offer live streaming sessions! Intrigued? You can book a free trial here.

Alternatively, you can even follow fitness accounts who often post or come live on Instagram with at-home routines. Below are Vilina’s and my recommendations:

1. Samia Kallidis

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2. Ruba Ali

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3. Domia Eco

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4. Kim French

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5. Ida Jemina

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6. Barry’s (IG Live)

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7. CRANK (IG Live)

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8. Tracy Harmoush (IG Live)

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9. Peter Barron

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10. Ricardo and Nadine

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Do you have any other recommendations? Let us know!

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