BOOTEA SHAKE ~ Does it really work?

Naomi being Naomi eats all she wants but hopes she never gains weight. As soon as she sees a quick way to lose weight, you bet she’d be in that bandwagon!
*During my 2 week BOOTEA Plan I had no tasting sessions and barely had any desserts

For those who don’t know. BOOTEA is a huge international brand that sells detoxifying products to people who want to lose weight ‘the easier way’. Their most popular products are the BOOTEA TEA and the BOOTEA SHAKE.

BOOTEA is good for people who want to solely just detoxify but the BOOTEA SHAKE is good for ones who to lose weight and at the same time detoxify. They say this nutritious shake will curb your hunger/appetite whilst offering a delicious, natural, vitamin fuelled drink.

The box comes with 14 sachets (for 2 weeks) that are meant to be had 30 minutes before a meal with 250ml water. The shake gets thicker upon shaking it vigorously. People even have 2 sachets per week. As adviced by the attendant at the store and through research I was told to have this first thing in the morning after brushing your teeth as this would get you through the day – the healthy way.

It has a DELICIOUS Berry Taste! It is neither too sweet and not too sour like a rasberry. Going through 2 weeks would not be too hard with this shake fosho!

The ingredient that possibly did not make this work for me
Not going to get into deep science to make you yawn so here’s a brief explanation on why it did not work on me. BOOTEA SHAKE contains an ingredient called “Glucomannan” that acts like a sponge and absorbs liquid from your digestive tract/stomach. This makes your stomach expand (from the inside) that further makes you feel fuller = less hungry. Rumor has it that Glucomannan even absorbs carbohydrates from your tract that will assist in your weight loss. It is even used a thickening agent that makes your shake ‘a thick delicious shake’

The good ingredients
1. Guarana is the other ingredient in your shake that is known to have a high caffeine content. This will keep you energetic throughout the day.
2. Green Tea Extract – As we all know green tea is a fabulous antioxidant and contains caffeine too. How can a diet work without this 😉 ?

N’s experience

Naomis BOOTEA Experience DISCLAIMER: Every body is different. What happened to me may not happen to you.
I agree that this definitely made me eat lesser but I pretty much regretted that I started this diet as the aftermath was awful.
1. My weight did not decrease at all inspite of having a blindfold against all my desserts
2. This shake caused a lot of water retention in my body that made my tummy look considerably bigger occassionally but this would subside with time.
3. I had a lot of gas filled in my body most of the time – this made me burp or you know … fart 🙁
4. I paid AED229 for the box and AED49 for the BOOTEA SHAKE SHAKER from Holland and Barrett, UAE. It was overpriced but as I said –  Naomi is a bit crazy; let’s end it at that.

Calorie Count for your reference

BOOTEA Shake Calories


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