How Can Businesses Hold Onto Customers?

In the current day and age, customer experience plays a critical role when it comes to retaining repeat business.

So, you’ve secured funding from Onramp Funds for your eCommerce business and now you’re needing to attract the right people to convert into sales. Or, you’ve got a brick and mortar store that has been decreasing in foot traffic recently. Whatever your business is, you need to make sure you stay relevant and popular, especially to repeat customers. It is imperative to ensure your consumers get what they require from your products and services. With that being said, read on to discover some top customer retention tips for your small business to follow.

Use social media

Firstly, you should make good use of social media. Social media provides you with a convenient and quick way of keeping in touch with your customers. You can also provide your customers with a unique online shopping experience on social media as well as across multiple channels by taking services from a Salesforce Commerce Cloud partner. By availing of such services, the end-to-end e-commerce experience can be enhanced. They can share details about their experience with your firm in a few seconds, including not only words but videos and photos too. When a customer posts a positive review, this does wonders for your business, and you should interact with these customers to strengthen the connection. Thank the customer and offer them a perk. After all, word of mouth is still the most valuable organic promotion method. What happens if someone posts a bad review about your business? You can’t simply delete it. The best approach is to apologize and find a solution that can cause the consumer to come back for a better experience next time around. You should never get defensive or try to claim that the customer is wrong. It is times like this that you may need to tap into a resource like one of the reputation management companies available to you or look at how your marketing technique is being handled, so you can see if there is anything that you can change for your customers.

Show why you are different

Rather than trying to compete with the large firms, you need to show why you are different.
Metatrader 5 is a great example in the trading world. There are a lot of people that prefer working with small companies because they feel like they get more personalized and attentive service. Use this to your advantage. Be that business that goes the extra mile to make their customers feel important and you will reap the rewards. If you go above and beyond to woo your clients, why would they want to go anywhere else? To go that extra mile, be sure to isolate any potential issues and fix them before they turn into real problems. You also need to pay great attention to what it is your customers want and be proactive in achieving this for them. You can improve your selling point by introducing an ecommerce 3d model scanning service for products. For instance, if you sell furniture, your customer can better decide whether a couch goes in their living room by using the 3D scan system.

Make it easy for your customers to reach you

There is nothing more frustrating for a customer than trying to get in touch with a business only to be met with the dial tone. This can irritate customers and cause them to look elsewhere instead. If you are to retain customers, you need to make certain they have a number of different ways to get in touch with you. This includes emails, phone calls, and
live chat, for example. If you are readily available and easy to get in touch with, customers will be more inclined to trust you.

Get to know your customers

Customers enjoy businesses that get to know them. When people do not feel ignored or rushed, they enjoy their experience more. This does not mean you should spend time idly, but it does mean that you need your customers to feel like a priority. Also, by getting to know your customers, you can make them feel special every time they call.

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