4 Sneaky Ways To Boost Your Credit Score

Almost everyone is aware of the impact a credit score has on their ability to borrow money. Without a high rating, you won’t get the best offers on mortgages or credit cards, two things that you will need at some point in your life. That means your score is essential, as is taking the effort to rebuild it.

Unfortunately, improving it isn’t the easiest or most enjoyable process in the world. If anything, it’s boring, which is why many people often fail to reach their targets. However, it doesn’t have to be this way if you understand the sneaky ways to shoot up the ladder! Credit scores are really important and determine a lot of things that you will need to buy in your life, such as a new home, where credit scores are highlighted on things like this home buying tips guide (click here), purchasing a car, and other big expenditures that you will need to buy throughout your life.

However, in some instances, low credit scores can also allow you to buy all the above-mentioned luxuries. For that, however, you would need to find a lender who can give out no credit check loans. (for more information on this, you can visit https://www.fatcatloans.ca/loans/no-credit-check-loans). But this does not mean that you would intentionally keep a low credit score. At times, it can backfire on you and land you in a pool of trouble. That is why it is crucial for you to boost your credit score by following the below-mentioned tips.

1. Find Out the Closing Date On Credit Cards

The due date (i.e the date the amount owed to your credit card supplier must be paid) and the closing date are two different things. The former is self-explanatory and usually takes precedent in peoples’ minds. However, the latter is essential as it impacts your credit utilization ratio. In short, if you pay the debt after the closing date, your score might still be high since your utilization ratio will be high. Finding out when issuers report your credit to the credit bureaus enables you to pay before the closing date and avoid the problem. Experian has more.

2. Raise Your Credit Limits

Your credit ratio is the amount of credit you are using compared to the figure you have available. The lower it is, the better it appears on checks because it means your exposure is lower. Therefore, if you’re using a lot of the money card companies are offering, you won’t make a dent in your score, not even if you’re paying it back regularly and on time. Instead, you should raise your credit limits and automatically boost your utilization ratio. The key is not to be tempted by the extra funds.

3. Buy A Car On Finance

Of course, it goes without saying that you should be able to afford the repayments, not only now but in the long-term. However, those who can get more bang for their buck improve their credit score. Why? New Roads Auto Loans says the easiest way to show you are trustworthy is to pay back debt. But, you don’t want to invest in anything you don’t need as it is risky. A vehicle is an ideal compromise as you always need a car to get around. And, driving is fun, much more enjoyable than collecting coupons! So, if you are ready to buy a car on finance, then finalize the decision without any hesitation. Know that there could be a myriad of choices that you can choose from. For instance, you can either opt for a new vehicle or consider “used vehicles” as a feasible option, which you can purchase from buy here pay here dealers in Rhode Island and nearby areas. If you go with the second option, then know that this could be quite beneficial for you as some of the dealers often offer minimal down payment options so that they can sell cars to people with poor credit.

4. Pay Off Arrears Cleverly

Finally, don’t assume that all debts are created equal because they aren’t. Some have a bigger effect on your credit score than others. As a result, they are the ones you must focus on when it comes to paying off arrears and limiting your risk. For instance, if you have two credit cards, it’s imperative to target the one with the greater utilization ratio, particularly if the other one is quite low.

Boosting your credit rating doesn’t have to be overly complicated or difficult. You can do it by simply being strategic and mixing up the types of arrears in your books!

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