Winter Fashion Staples You Can’t Live Without

Winter is coming thick and fast, and like most years, the majority of us are caught unawares by the freeze.

We are still basking in the warm summer memories; still naively going outside without our coats; and slowly coming to the realization that the cold is creeping in. However, this might be the perfect timing for people to take out their warm clothes or shop for them if needed.

Similarly, winter is also the perfect time to stock up on heating oil. It is almost always better to stock up on oil at the start of the season or just before it begins so that you can get the fuel you need at a much cheaper price before the cold weather seeps in. Heating costs have been rising recently, so comparing energy suppliers online can help you to secure the fuel you need at the best possible price. Accordingly, it might be prudent to look for oil delivery companies that carry out deliveries for large homes on Long Island (or in the area of your residence). Quite often companies that offer deliveries offer discounts if you buy in bulk so be sure to work out how much fuel you will need for the entire season ahead of time!

Having said that, if you are still living in the afterglow of summer and haven’t yet thought about heating your home or even your winter wardrobe, there’s no time like the present. You’ll already have your old faithful jackets, scarves and hats that keep you toasty warm each winter, but have you searched for the latest winter fashion trends? Umbrella Printing, for example, has become popular in recent years as companies have looked to expand their reach into winter fashion. An umbrella is an essential accessory for winter that will not only keep you dry in the rain, but will also help to make a statement about you as a person. An umbrella printed in your corporate colours, for example, can help to promote your brand, whilst remaining a practical addition to your winter wardrobe. 

Whether you’re building your winter wardrobe from scratch or simply adding details onto an already-established set of winter looks, this blog is for you. Let’s take a look at some 2021 winter fashion staples you can’t live without.

Turtleneck sweaters

Ah, the humble yet powerful turtleneck. The sweater that dominated nineties romantic comedies, and can now be found not just on humans, but on dogs, too. Turtlenecks are the ultimate winter fashion staple because of their versatility, comfort levels, and the fact that literally nobody looks bad in one. Seriously, it’s true. These chic sweaters can keep you warm and cosy through the winter months, while adding a Parisian flair to any outfit.

Turtleneck sweaters can be bought from low-cost, high-value retailers such as Uniqlo – or you can splash out on a turtleneck from an established luxury designer. Pair your turtleneck with a pair of casual jeans and sneakers, or dress it up with a winter trench coat and a mini skirt. Whatever the occasion, a turtleneck will never fail you!

Statement jewelry

Not every country experiences harsh, cold winters – but every person can rock statement jewelry in winter. If you aren’t in need of big coats or warm scarves but you want to give your outfit an icy feel during the winter months, statement jewelry can do just the trick.

Summer is all about delicate jewelry such as thin gold chains and tennis bracelets. In winter, it’s time to pull out the big guns. Here are some ideas for winter statement jewelry that you could be rocking this year!

  • Large, chunky rings. Rings are the ultimate statement jewelry item because they’re so visible to onlookers. Whether you want to rock a huge diamond ring or want to keep things less budget-unfriendly with a metal or enamel ring, chunky rings are all the rage in the winter time. Think chic, think classy, think bold!
  • Centre-focused pendants. If you’re rocking a v-neck sweater or a gown with a plunging neckline this winter, a centre-focused pendant, either containing a gemstone or a solid metal shape, will tie your whole outfit together.
  • Hoop earrings. Hoop earrings are a staple for any season, but pair them with a beautiful jacket and a sleek, smooth hairstyle and you’ve got yourself a gorgeous winter look.
  • Solid metal bangles. You can never go wrong with a solid metal bangle that will accent any chic winter outfit. You can place your bangles over the top of sweater sleeves to make sure they’re seen in every winter outfit!

What’s more, you can make your winter statement jewelry personal, for example by having a family heirloom reset into a modern piece, or by investing in memorial and keepsake jewelry that honors your loved ones.

Leather (or faux leather) boots

Whether you are stomping around New York in a Carrie Bradshaw-esque fantasy or living in the countryside battling winter mud, leather boots will suit you. Leather or faux leather boots are the ideal winter footwear because they protect your feet from cold and rain, while looking absolutely fabulous in the process.

You could opt for flat Chelsea boots that add a practical edge to your winter attire; on the other hand, you might choose a killer heeled leather boot like those made by Vivienne Westwood, for the ultimate urban winter style. No matter your preference for heel height or leather color, there’s a set of winter boots out there for you.

If you wish to opt for vegan leather or faux leather boots, you can find this option at most reputable footwear stores. Famous brands such as Dr Martens have created new lines of vegan leather shoes to suit any wearer, that are still durable and stylish just like real leather boots!

Alternatively, you could purchase second hand leather boots online or in vintage stores. They reuse old materials as well as allowing you to give new life to an old pair of leather beauties, especially if you take advantage of leather care products from reputable brands like URAD!

Hand-knitted scarves, hats and gloves

If you’re in need of extra warmth this winter season, you are likely on the lookout for scarves, and hats and gloves that keep you insulated against the harsh winter weather. Well, nothing does the trick better than hand-knitted accessories. Not only are these items unique and chic, but they can also provide serious warmth and comfort in even the coldest parts of the world.

If you fancy a new hobby, you could invest some time in learning to knit and make a set of accessories all of your own! Alternatively, you can turn to sites such as Etsy to find individual clothing makers who hand-knit beautiful garments for winter. You can choose the colors they use to suit your preferred palette, and enjoy the amazing feeling of being wrapped up in a sustainably-made, gorgeous set of winter accessories!

Where to buy winter fashion staples

We all have our favorite stores and boutiques that stock clothes we love, so why not visit yours to ask about their autumn and winter clothing lines?

If these new clothing lines aren’t to your taste, you can’t go wrong with a little vintage shopping in your local town, for throwback garments that give you a nostalgic winter feel when you wear them. Plus, this option is super sustainable, too!

Ultimately, shopping for your winter wardrobe should comprise three things: warmth, style and practicality. You should search for clothes that help you feel good in your skin while keeping you cosy too! Happy winter wardrobe shopping!

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