4 Tips to working with a brand effectively

It is so important for us to diversify our efforts. And when we start to work with other companies and brands, it is a great way for us to make a living as a blogger, but when we work with brands, we can tend to overlook some of the simple things.

While it is so important to look at the metrics and make sure you create posts with high engagement, how can you make the most of your abilities to work with brands effectively? Here are some things to consider.

Work with brands you believe in

As tempting as it is to work with any company because it sounds like fun, or it is a good earner, you’ve got to get the balance right. There will be many opportunities that come up in the future, but when you start to reach out to brands, it is far better for you to engage with them in terms of their core values. This is why it would be far better for someone who has a real focus on health and wellness to look at companies like Premier Anesthesia, which provide such an essential service to the medical industry. When you start to diversify your efforts but also work with companies that you believe in the cause, it will naturally translate to a far better working relationship. this works both ways because they will see your interest is beyond getting the money.

Prepare Your Media Kit

If you are pitching to companies that you don’t have a relationship with, getting your media kit ready is crucial. It is the perfect way for them to see who you are, what your blog is all about, and if you are a good fit with them. Your
media kit should contain the following:

  • Contact information.
  • Photograph, imagery, as well as a short summary of your blog.
  • Links to your social media channels, as well as the stats with every channel.
  • Examples of your previous partnerships.
  • The services you offer, especially if you go beyond blogging.

A little media kit doesn’t take long to assemble, but it is a fantastic way of making sure that you promote yourself effectively.

Reaching Out to the Right Companies

You should never be scared to reach out to brands because the worst they will say is “no.” But when you reach out to brands, make sure you have a specific goal. When you reach out to a company, you can show them how you will benefit their business. For example, you can tell them how many Instagram shares they would get based on your stats. This could be a far better approach if you start small. Going towards local businesses may not mean they will necessarily be willing to pay for content, but it goes a long way to establish yourself locally.

Have a Contract

When you are working with brands, it is essential that you have the legalities in place because if they cancel a contract without paying you, you can take legal action. Working with a brand is great for you, but make sure you cover yourself.

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