Effective tips that will make your coffee drinking experience healthier

Coffee is the ultimate drink for millions of people the world over, and not just because it provides that quick jolt of caffeine. Making coffee is also – perhaps ironically – a calming ritual, an occasion to meet with friends and gather socially, and a way to tease our taste buds in a variety of new and interesting ways. 

While there has been a lot of hearsay about the supposed healthy, or unhealthy impact of drinking lots of coffee, it has been determined that there are definitely better ways of drinking a cup of joe without getting sick or feeling woozy. The following are a few key tips to help make the experience of drinking coffee a lot healthier, without robbing it of the luxurious taste and aroma.

Steer clear of the sugar

While nothing beats the nostalgic appeal of a steaming mug of coffee loaded with cream and sugar, it might be worth steering clear of the latter. After a bunch of research, medical professionals have been able to ascertain that
coffee itself is quite healthy, but all those add ons that we have become such big fans of are terribly detrimental to your health. Sugar is terrible for your health given that it has high amounts of fructose, which is linked to diseases such as obesity and diabetes. Thankfully, high-quality coffee tastes excellent on its own – a bit of milk or cream is fine in case the acid in black coffee upsets your stomach, but you almost never need spoonfuls of sugar for it to go down smooth. If you’re used to drinking your coffee with sugar, try weaning yourself off of it over the course of a week: at first, go from two teaspoons to one, then a half, then eliminate it altogether once your palate is acquainted with the taste of “real” coffee that isn’t dressed up too much. After two weeks of this exercise, you will hardly notice the difference.

Invest in better quality coffee

Not all coffee grounds are created equal. The best way to make sure that your coffee drinking experience is healthier is to invest in purchasing better coffee. The quality can vary depending on the processing method and how the coffee beans were grown and roasted, so it actually makes a big difference. In fact, some coffee beans are known to be sprayed with pesticides and other chemicals that can make it hard for the human body to digest. In
this in-depth guide you can find out more about how to purchase the best tasting organic coffee beans out there, and also learn more about the benefits of low acid coffee since it does not affect your system as much as regular coffee. Better quality coffee does not just mean better taste, but it is also much easier for you to consume, and makes for a healthier experience overall.

Avoid artificial creamers

The 1990s taught many dieters to be afraid of fat, and while trends like the Atkins diet went into another extreme direction, people are still
hesitant about using full-fat milk or cream in their coffee. Instead, they turn towards artificial low-fat creamers to add flavor to their coffee. Unfortunately, this makes your cup of joe terribly unhealthy. Unlike artificial creamers, full-fat cream or milk actually provides your body with some healthy nutrients. They also aren’t full of chemicals that cause your blood sugar to spike or may cause you to gain weight over time. In general, using natural, whole ingredients is more likely to keep you healthy and satiated. 

A word about cholesterol

If you recently visited your physician and found that you may have high levels of cholesterol, you will probably be encouraged to steer clear of the coffee for a while. Sadly, the only documented drawback of coffee is that it contains cafestol, which is a substance that can raise cholesterol levels in the blood. Although, reducing the amount of cafestol in coffee is actually fairly simple. 

You can use a paper filter when brewing coffee. Doing so effectively lowers the amount of cafestol and lets the caffeine and any helpful antioxidants pass through without leaving behind too much of the bad stuff in your cup. However, it is highly recommended that you speak with your doctor first and see what is the safest route for you to take in dealing with cholesterol.

In the end, coffee is a natural stimulant that actually has many more health benefits than previous studies had led us to believe. However, how you drink your coffee and the ingredients used is absolutely crucial in ensuring that you are imbibing a healthy beverage that will not derail your health goals in the long run.

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