The smell of orange and frankincense infuses the air as hot herbal tea simmers quietly in a thick clay pot, offering a warm and tranquil aura. White light flickers through ornate panes of decorative brass lanterns across the floor, reflecting curved flower-like shapes on draped walls.

Walking into Saray Spa (located at Marriott Harbour) – features traditional Middle Eastern treatments and products where one transcends everyday chaos and enters into a moment of calm and deep rooted culture.

I was invited to review the “5 Alive 5 Mini” Spa and it was by far one of the best Spa experience I have had! This treatment costs AED449 and constitutes of 5 treatments done over the course of 2 hours (it would cost AED998 if you were to book the treatments individually). Before the the spa commenced, I was offered a refreshing cranberry drink alongside a cold towel.

The Spa includes;

1. Arabic Coffee Body Scrub – The coarse scrub was a mixture of Dead Sea Salts mixed with Arabic Coffee. The salt assists in removing toxins and dead skin from the body that further leaves your skin baby soft whereas the coffee aids in eliminating cellulite from your body due to the caffeine content in it. The scrub is very ‘awakening’ due to the strong coffee smell and the coarse texture of the scrub makes you feel every nook and corner of your body is being cleaned flawlessly. The warmth of the concoction is sure to put you to sleep though 😉

2. Rejuvenating Back Massage – The back massage that lasted for 30 minutes was simply fantastic and absolutely rejuvenating. I personally prefer/opt for a ‘deep’ massage (high pressure massage) if ever I am asked to choose. Since I sit on my derriere all day and work out like a maniac due to the amount of food I eat, I tend to have pain or specific areas that have excess lactic acid (like every human body). A high pressure massage relaxes my muscles and definitely subsides any existing pain.

3. Bright Eyes Treatment – This treatment was short and sweet. It did not involve much, but the little that was existent served the purpose. The bright eyes treatment involved light circular massages around the eyes followed by *extremely* cold cotton patches being rested on my eye for ‘soothing’ and ‘rejuvenation’.

4. Deluxe Lip Treatment – The purpose of this treatment is to reduce the fine ageing lines on the lips. It was done and dusted within 2 steps. The first step included a lip massage with a sugary lip scrub and the second was a lip mask. Quite eerie but the results were magnificent 😛

5. Facial – Who does not like a facial? This facial stands out from most of the facials since it does not involve any extraction (removal of black or white heads). I initially thought this was a bad thing; but apparently ‘extraction’ is not good for the face as it causes more breakouts or may even lead to acne! Followed by light face massages targeting different areas of the face, an aromatic Mandarine face mask was applied and left on my face for a couple of minutes. While the mask was getting set, I was getting an uber relaxing head massage by my therapist.

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