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Diamond Water® is enhanced with real diamonds and is the most precious water ever bottled. Since ancient times, diamonds have been coveted for their healing powers, brilliance and purity. Healers around the world have been mystified by the powers of this treasured gem.

Through extensive research and development, Diamond Water® has created an all-natural ionic calcium alkaline water that sustains a stable 9.5 pH providing superior hydration for your body, mind and soul. Additionally, the last part of the purification process involved the luxury water passing through a membrane of real diamonds in order to catch the light energy via the clarity of the stone!!

Why Alkaline Water?

PH Chart

Most bottled water sit at or below a neutral pH of 7. Although all human body’s are acidic in nature, it is healthier for it to be more alkaline as diseases or even cancer cells can only live and survive in an acidic body.

Does it taste exactly like normal water?



0% – Sodium, Carbohydrates, Fat, Sugar and Protein. PH Level – 9.5


They don’t sell just one bottle unfortunately, but restaurants such as Jean-Georges, Serafina, Mayta, Real Madrid and Sugar Factory located in Dubai sell it by per piece.

Feel free to order a box though! It costs AED220 for 18 bottles of 532ml and AED180 for 12 bottles of 1000ml (glass bottles coming soon).


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