A ‘Life Spa Environment’ that reflects the Armani lifestyle and design philosophies

An oasis of peace and tranquility in the heart of a bustling city, the 12,000 ft2 Armani/SPA reflects the Armani lifestyle and design philosophy, offering unique spaces and outstanding service for individually personalized treatments, personal fitness, sequential thermal bathing, creative SPA cuisine or simply, private and social relaxation areas.

Armani/SPA offers a range of spa experiences tailored to cater to every individuals needs. In order to fulfil and ensure every demand is met, the Spa therapies are divided into three;

1. MU – Quenches a desire for relaxation and stillness

2. LIBERTÀ – Encourages freedom of movement and the release of physical pain

3. FLUIDITY – Enhances vitality and restores internal balance

These therapeutic treatments are enhanced with custom made, naturally fragranced Bois, Jasmine and Jade oils by Armani.

Under the ‘Fluidita Spa’ I opted for the ‘Fluidita Massage’ [AED520 for 50 minutes]. The objective of this treatment was to reduce excessive water retention and flush out unwanted toxins from my body. This is done with the help of an uplifting and revitalizing body massage that involves specific “draining techniques”. The body oil by Armani further improves the lymphatic circulation and promotes recovery from your stressful schedule. This massage is even ideal to overcome jet lag.

The therapist started the treatment with a foot wash on a marble platform followed by me lying down on a comfy massage bed. While a warm mattress of olive-shells was rested on my back, my arms and legs got a great massage. The massage techniques and pressure applied on my entire body is very different from a regular massage (trust me I have been to many) – it involves a variety of hand movements and pressing certain pressure points simultaneously.

After the mattress from my back was removed, I got a fantastic back massage. Prior to beginning the treatment, I had mentioned my target areas were my back and shoulders so that is what was concentrated on the most. Followed by a back massage, I received a gentle and relaxing head massage 🙂 I was told the aftermath of the treatment is urinating more for the next 3-4 hours.

Following the brilliant treatment I was taken to ARMANI/SPA’s relaxation area where I was offered Green Tea, dry fruits and nuts.

ARMANI/SPA is only there to win your heart and rejuvenate your soul! 😉

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Location (at Burj Khalifa)

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