3 Myths About Cosmetic Surgery That You Can’t Ignore

Weight loss, cosmetics, and other treatments are everywhere you look these days, from glossy magazines and TV ads to flyers and ads on the side of buses. While there are many treatments to modify how we look and style ourselves, there are just as many misconceptions about cosmetic treatments like liposuction, augmentations, and surgery.

Any extreme or invasive treatments that extend beyond a normal beauty regimen such as makeup and skin cream are bound to come with many stories and myths because of all the horror stories and sensationalist headlines created by the mainstream media, and while there is some truth to any myth, some are outright lies.

Whether you get cosmetic surgery in Cancun, a hair transplant in London, or botox in Japan, it really doesn’t matter because at the end of the day, it’s all down to personal preference. As long as you do your research and ignore the myths surrounding it, you’ll be able to have the procedure and feel better about your body. Some of the most common myths around cosmetic surgery include:

  • Liposuction is a weight loss alternative
  • It lasts forever
  • It cannot be exposed to the sun

1. Liposuction is not an alternative to Weight loss

There are many benefits to liposuction such as removing weight from troublesome areas, but it isn’t a health replacement that makes you lose a lot of weight. The technique is designed to remove fat from the worst areas of your body and the surgery alone will only account for a maximum of 12 lbs of weight loss.

Weight removed during a liposuction procedure will not keep the weight away and healthy and active life is encouraged to keep from causing more weight gain. In fact, liposuction is so invasive and intrusive that most doctors only recommend it as a last resort. Loose skin and artifacts can remain following the procedure so it might be necessary to educate yourself with videos about tummy tuck surgery as part of a complete excess weight removal package.

2. Repeat surgeries might be necessary

Nothing good lasts forever and cosmetic surgery is the same. While it’s true that some procedures such as breast implants can last for a long time, doctors who specialize in Denver breast implant surgeries recommend that most of these procedures are temporary and they could require a lot of maintenance for optimal results. When people hear that they may have to have more than one surgery, it can put them off as not everyone is a fan of going under the knife, and unfortunately from time to time, surgeries can go horribly wrong, and many find themselves searching on sites like https://lawtx.com/areas-of-practice/medical-malpractice/ to find a lawyer who specialises in medical malpractice. Not all surgeries go bad though so it shouldn’t put patients off, but they will have to face the reality that not everything can be resolved in one surgery. When adopting any type of cosmetic surgery it is advised that you maintain a healthy standard of living to get the most from it.

As mentioned with liposuction, it isn’t viable to depend on the procedure alone to solve all of your weight woes. While the procedure will remove excess fat, that fat can easily be gained again from overeating and poor exercise.

It goes beyond weight loss surgery too. There are many examples of other surgeries that often require repeat procedures and visits. These vary from case to case and depend on your own circumstances and what you’re looking to achieve, but many cosmetic dentistry procedures, for example, require more than one visit.

3. Exposure won’t affect any surgery

One of the more ridiculous myths about cosmetic surgery is that you cannot go out in the sun following a procedure. While it might be necessary to avoid direct and hot sun exposure for a few days immediately following surgery as you heal, exposing your treated skin to the sun generally won’t have any impact on your cosmetics. However, if it does, then you need to immediately approach the surgeon who operated citing your problem. There might be a possibility that the medical professional has messed up the surgery, which needs to be attended to. In the event that the surgeon denies treating your condition, accusing you of making up a story, then you need to immediately contact a Medical Malpractice Lawyer who could bring you to justice. (Note that the main aim to approach a lawyer is to get the treatment done quickly and free of cost so that you do not have to suffer from any future problems arising from the present condition.)

Anyway, keep in mind that strong UV exposure can cause any surgery scars to look inflamed but you should be more worried about the risk of skin cancer caused by the sun rather than what it might do to your surgical scars. There is no evidence that sunlight has any adverse effects on cosmetic surgeries of any kind but doctors do advise that you limit your sun exposure and wear sunscreen regardless of whether you have had cosmetic surgery or not.

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