Dubai Newbie? Download these apps to make your life easier in Dubai

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Amidst the busy schedule that engulfs your whole week, you need some leisure time to get rid of all the worries and have some pleasure in your life. This set of apps provides a road-map towards an entertaining life in Dubai for you and your family while exploring various avenues of fun and enjoyment.

Welcome to The Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall has launched its app which contains the navigation of the mall to guide you about all the trends and events going on at the mall along with reminders about upcoming events and updates on all the shops, restaurants and cafes. It helps you locate the shop at the mall that you desire to visit too.


Want to stave off the munchies?

Feeling hungry with friends or family? Talabat: Food Delivery can be instrumental in satisfying your hunger; the online food delivery app on which you can order food from a range of restaurants in Dubai. It bypasses all the trivialities of checking out separate menus of restaurants and getting their numbers. To really crank it volume up, you get the option to order food from various restaurants at a time.


All the smart services under one roof

Dubai Now is a venture by the departments of the government to combine services at a single-platform so that you can access them through your phone and save your precious time. The app engulfs the utilities and bills, driving, public transport, health housing, security and justice under a single roof.



As evident from the name, this app is teemed with offers on a wide-range of restaurants, fitness, health, entertainment and fun activities throughout Dubai. You just need to run this app to explore a whole new avenue of entertainment around you that you can experience with your friends and family.


Address book in the palm of your hand

Dubai uses a combination of numbers to represent addresses known as Makani Numbers. Makani is the app that helps you track any address from its Makani number or the other way around: you can find the Makani number of any address. The app assists in locating various places throughout Dubai and makes your life easy along with entertainment opportunities.



Google Translate can translate all the text in Arabic font to whatever language you converse in. You just have to capture a picture through the photo option in the app and it will provide the translation instantly so that you can explore all the entertaining and fun-filled activities in Dubai.


Looking for a hotel?

Trivago: Hotels & Travel would alleviate all your hotel-bookings related queries and problems. Trivago provides a list of the best hotels at reasonable prices with pictures of rooms and addresses mentioned at the app. Moreover, it also provides a number of vacation deals within Dubai. The Hotel finder uses your location to find rooms in your vicinity at cheap rates or those which suit your budget.


Avoiding the traffic

Waze helps you evade traffic jams and provides the fastest route to your destination anywhere in Dubai. With its live feed, it gathers information about road-blocks and other incidents. This feature helps the drivers to evade the traffic-jam while taking an alternative route to reach the location at time. Waze is one of the best navigation apps that you can avail for free.


Planning to travel?

Dubai Airports is a portal that provides all the flight schedules and details of Dubai. You can acquire flight information and flight status tracking from the app. If you are planning to travel you can use the app to book a suitable slot for your journey to make your travel easier.


It’s Showtime

Movies are the best recreational and entertaining activity that you can enjoy with your friends and family. Cinema UAE is the app you need to download as it lists all the show times in cinemas nearby and whole of Dubai. It also provides online-booking so that you can book a show for your favorite movie. It is a must-have app for all the cinema-goers and film-buffs as well as anyone looking for some entertainment.


Let’s go to the beach

Dubai is rich in parks, gardens and beaches that provide a perfect spot for entertaining activities and fun. Dubai Parks & Beaches provides details about all the lush green parks and gardens as well as information regarding various events and parties at the beach engulfing all the entertainment sites to spend leisure time by gazing at captivating natural beauty.


The Magazine of Dubai

Time Out Dubai Magazine is all about entertainment and the extravaganzas of the state, consisting of deals and promotions along with listings from all the best restaurants, hotels, nightclubs and parties in Dubai. This app will be your weekly-guide to decide where you need to utilize your precious time.



BeepUAE is the biggest car-sale portal in Dubai which lets you dispose of your car at an appropriate price while avoiding all the hassle and pointless meetings with potential buyers. They involve a three-step process through which you can easily get the job done and get your money, while the company takes cares of all the niceties involved in the process.


Going on a shopping spree? has that sorted out for you as it consists of a gallery of more than 500,000 products categorized under various heads like Fashion, Kids, Electronics, Phones and Perfumes. You can browse and buy anything you like and pay online with your credit card, PayPal or can even avail the option of cash-on-delivery. The app also offers daily discounts and economical deals on all sort of stuff.


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