Handbags and clutches for every occasion

Planning to go shopping, on a vacation, for a party or another formal meet? Well, handbags and clutches are the fashion essentials for women, helping them level up their style by another notch!

No wonder the fashion trends keep changing each day, but, some styles are timeless and classic, which are the savior for all occasions, no matter what. You can’t always have those big pockets in your dresses, neither can you carry all those essentials in your hands, and to help you get rid of all the hassle, the handbags and clutches are to the rescue. But, carrying handbags of poor quality that might break down with just some stuff doesn’t sound quite impressive. If you are looking for some amazing and pocket-friendly handbags and clutches of premium quality, look no more, because the search is over. You can get all the designs and patterns, whether it be funky, classic, minimalistic, metallic or many more, you name it, and Amazon UAE has it in store for you. With top brands like Tommy Hilfiger and GUESS on the shelves, you can avail some exciting offers and discounts ranging up to 80% using the exclusive Amazon coupons and promo codes.

A lady can never have enough handbags and clutches, and so to ease out your stress of choosing the right ones, or buying new ones for every occasion, here is a list of all the handbag and clutch essentials that you must have in your wardrobe to get your style game going.

Tiny Clutch

You always can’t go out carrying that massive tote bag. With funky colors, minimal designs, embellishments or fur, a tiny clutch is perfect for going in and out, carrying all your cards, phone and maybe a lip balm to add on. It surely is one of the most convenient ways to express your style quotient at that rocking party or just hour-long conferences. It is perfect for all dress styles including casuals, formals and even ethnics pieces.

Straw Bags

Summer, shopping, vacation and straw bags are completely synonymous to each other, offering a classic, elegant and chic look to add on to your dress. Get the perfect boho vibe by pairing it with right sunglasses, slippers or sneakers, floral dresses, and the perfect drink for the eve. Lightweight and compact, these are quite handy and easy to carry having the right amount of space to fit in your beach and summer essentials. Without a straw bag in hand, the summer vibe isn’t completed. So, go grab yours!

Tote Bags

Being multifunctional, the tote bags serve a lot of purposes, whether it be shopping, carrying your laptop, travelling and a lot more. Not all women prefer carrying a backpack to fit in all their essentials for the day, and to help you with that, the tote bags are big enough to help you carry your belongings in the most sophisticated way. With various designs and prints, they are made of several materials, which include khadi, jute and cloth bags for regular shopping purposes, as well as the best leather bags (along with other materials) for travelling and office and work purposes. Plus, these are biodegradable and environment-friendly options to save you from buying plastic bags.

Cross-body/waist bags

For all those who do not like to carry a bag in their hands while running errands or just going out, the cross body bags and waist bags are the most suitable option. Additionally, the cross-body bags are quite in trend in the present day, giving you that super-chic and is the perfect fashion accessory to pair up with your casuals.

Duffle bags/Backpacks

Going to the gym or just that long-awaited vacation? You can’t take your entire closet with you. Being the most functional, convenient and compatible option, the small duffle bags and backpacks will never fail to carry in all your essentials. They are super spacious with lots of pockets, being the perfect daily essential and can be carried by kids and adults alike.

Sling bags

These are the ‘forever in trend’ essentials for every girl out there, and one can never go wrong with this one. Just the perfect size to fit in all your tiny stuff, they cater perfectly to what you expect. The long strings attached make it easy to carry without any chaos.

So, with all the wardrobe essential handbags and clutches, you are quite sorted to get going and be ready for almost every occasion. You need not have your wardrobe overflowing with many clutches to keep up with the trend. Having the right choice for style and various factors for which they are used is important to get your hands on the best purchase. While choosing a handbag, another thing that matters the most is your personal taste and sense of styling. Trying keeping your style quotient in your comfort levels as with confidence comes grace and glamour.


Want to get the best deals at cost-effective prices so that you don’t end up splurging hefty amounts on just some basic pieces of handbags and clutches? Amazon has all the wide-ranging options in store for you at the most affordable prices. So, get your shopping spree started!

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