Sometimes, we just can’t make it. Whether the event is for work or for leisure, unexpected circumstances may arise or we may just not feel like going!

Whatever the reason may be, the ultimate result is that you have to let the other person know that you can’t make it. Here are a few steps you can follow to call your raincheck and dip effectively. ?

Step 1. Don’t Cancel Unless You Need To

If you’re known as the person that always cancels… maybe don’t cancel this time. ? Unless you genuinely can’t make it, try your very best to stick to your commitment.

Step 2. Readjust or Reschedule if possible

Instead of outright canceling,  try to either readjust the event (like changing the venue) or reschedule it to another day. Of course, it’s important to keep in mind that you shouldn’t raincheck after that, so make sure you can actually accommodate the change and make it. ?

Step 3. Be Honest

When trying to explain why you can’t make it, it’s important for you to be honest and explain the reason as to why you have to cancel. Whether it’s because you really don’t feel like coming or if another event is scheduled, it’s far better to be upfront about it than to tell half-baked truths whilst piling on the usual excuses. ?

Step 4. The Tone

Being sarcastic or trying to make jokes usually plays out well in your mind but in reality, it sounds disrespectful to the person being canceled on. ? It’s crucial that you actually are apologetic and communicate that seriously to the other individual.

Step 5. Follow Up

After the apologies and the rescheduling have been done, make sure to take the effort to follow up with the other individual so that they know that you don’t take them for granted and are taking this seriously.

Canceling on someone isn’t the best feeling for both parties involved. Creating a commitment in the first place requires a certain amount of trust and respect so make sure you keep your promises after you cancel! ?

Written and Researched by Nikita Jacob

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