This website will tell you if you’re hot or ugly, scientifically…

Warning: if you have low self-esteem and/or confidence issues, please do not take the test ?

Facial symmetry has been shown to have an effect on ratings of attractiveness in human faces! The more symmetric the face, the more they are perceived as ‘more attractive’ in both males and females! Blending of multiple faces to create a composite and half-face mirroring have been amongst many techniques used as proof to beauty ?

Image by Buzzfeed

Lets cut to the chase now, shall we?! ? I discovered a site today – (accessible from the phone) and it’s SO DAMN COOL *at least I think it is*. It starts with a warning (that you must take into consideration for your ego and soul 😉 ) and choosing your gender ? After which you either choose a picture or take one on the spot. I chose the latter (do NOT judge my scruffy hair and asymmetrical face) ?

You then just keep doing as told (i.e. aligning the lines as instructed)

Ultimately, they give you your score!!! ????? I got 76% and tried the same with my friends. After googling, I found people getting 0% too (crap)… (Useless info.: Hitler got 72% ?)

My conclusion:

  • Not sure how reliable this symmetrical app is… It does take symmetry into consideration but please don’t be bummed out by the final % (it’s just for fun)!! ?
  • Criteria’s for good looks such as make-up, skin color, skin texture, good hair or fancy clothes are not considered by this app ?
  • This app is biased to boys!!! ??

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