Why did I create #EatWithN and how to be a part of it


I do get this question quite often, so thought of just creating a blogpost! ❤️

Why did I create it?

I used to get DM’s, emails or comments every other day from my followers stating how they wished they were in my shoes or requests to be my +1 for tastings and me, sitting on the other end of my phone/laptop only wanted to make their wishes come true. Thus, I decided to start these tours.

I’m trying to now create a community versus an ordinary blog you follow.

The first set of tours were dedicated to Sushi since I noticed tons of my followers disliked it with a passion. My only criteria for the Sushi Tour was, the majority of the followers I choose, already strongly dislike sushi or haven’t ever tried it. My aim was to change their mind, and so I did.

I would’ve had several more tours every other week, but I work full-time. Thus, please be patient ❤️ I promise there will be more tours! 😀 Additionally, if you have any suggestions/tips/advice on what I could do for my future tours, feel free to email me!

How to be a part of it?

There’s only one-way. I randomly put a post like the below announcing I have a tour coming up and then whoever wants to be a part of it can just comment on the post. After 2 weeks, I randomly choose between 5 to 15 people to eat with me (aka #EatWithN)!

*DESSERT TOUR WITH ME* 🤸🏻‍♀️🍫 All you gota do is #comment anything or #tag how many ever #friends you wish in the #comments section below (so I see you 👀) and I'll choose 10+ people in 2 weeks to hang wimeee mid-#October over the #weekend!!! @TheCocoville is the 1st venue that'll be a part of the #tour and the second venue is a #surprise 😍 (trust me it's going to be sooooo good)!!! 😍🤤❤️ I wish I could keep more than 2 spots but we'll be TOO #drunk on chocolate 😩🍬🍫🍰🍦🍪 PS: There are #goodie bags and we'll be indulging in a LOT of #chocolate, #icecream, #cake, #fondant and downing chocolate #shots like there's no tomorrow 🤤😜👅 You know you want it 😉 T&C (To be eligible): you must be my follower and also have your profile on public after 1.5 weeks before I choose the winner 🤗 #dessertqueen #tour

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Who do I usually choose and what’s the criteria?

Even if I receive 3000+ comments, I still go through each and every comment manually. I don’t use bots or randomizers as this is my fam and I personally want to read some of the best comments I receive.

  • Over 70% of the people I choose are the ones that don’t blog since I do want non-bloggers to experience how this whole blogging world is! 🌎 However, I do choose budding or already-established bloggers as I want to encourage them to post more + give em a helping hand
  • There are followers who I consider like family since they constantly encourage me, comment on my posts and support everything I do. Needless to say, I do keep them as top priority since I WANT TO meet them ❤️
  • I request private accounts to go public a week or a few days before I announce the winners… for 2 reasons. Firstly, I’ve had people who don’t look the same (as their display picture) or their usernames classify them as females, but in reality, they’re males (and vice versa). Secondly, these tours are specifically for my community, only! I receive so much love from you guys and this is one way I can give back and meet you all. I’ve had 2-3 people come for my tour because of their participation and then I find out they never even followed me… 😑 So, I can only check if you’re following me if your account is public 😊
  • To be honest, I *avoid* choosing people from the same friend/family-circle (doesn’t mean I never do)! I have 1000’s of people who try to be a part of my tours and choosing people from the same community all the time defeats the purpose of socializing and networking with people from different communities. It happens unknowingly sometimes though 😔
  • I do not choose my friends. I only take a +1/2 with me to help me record the experience and with the logistics (i.e. carrying goodie bags, commute, etc)
  • Most importantly, I never choose the same person twice. Everyone will get an opportunity!

How to be a part of it if you are a restaurant?

Please feel free to email me on [email protected]

Don’t forget to check out #EatWithN on Instagram 🙂

* Note: #EatWithN Tours does not aim at promoting restaurants through naomidsouza.com. This is a bespoke tour where I choose the restaurants based on my personal experience/research.

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