Why did I create #EatWithN and How To Be a part of it


I do get this question quite often, so thought of just creating a blogpost! ❤️

Why did I create it?

I used to get DM’s, emails or comments every other day from my followers stating how they wished they were in my shoes or requests to be my +1 for tastings and me, sitting on the other end of my phone/laptop only wanted to make their wishes come true. Thus, I decided to start these tours.

The first set of tours were dedicated to Sushi since I noticed tons of my followers disliked it with a passion. My only criteria for the Sushi Tour was, the majority of the followers I choose, already strongly dislike sushi or haven’t ever tried it. My aim was to change their mind, and so I did.

I would’ve had several more tours every other week, but I work full-time. Thus, please be patient ❤️ I promise there will be more tours! 😀 Additionally, if you have any suggestions/tips/advice on what I could do for my future tours, feel free to email me!

How to be a part of it?

There’s only one-way. I randomly put a post like the below announcing I have a tour coming up and then whoever wants to be a part of it can just comment on it. After a week or so, I randomly choose between 5 to 15 people to eat with me!

Who do I usually choose?

Over 80% of the people I choose are the ones that don’t blog since I do want them to experience how this whole blogging world is! 🌎 However, I do even choose budding and already-established bloggers.

How to be a part of it if you are a restaurant?

Please feel free to email me on [email protected]

Don’t forget to check out #EatWithN on Instagram 🙂

* Note: #EatWithN Tours does not aim at promoting restaurants through naomidsouza.com 

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