Elevation Fitness ~ My Journey to Rapid Fat Loss

…And I thought I could lose weight by gorging on chocolate everyday

Elevation Fitness has come up with an insane programme called “21 Days of Rapid Fat Loss” (i.e. 21 Days to a COMPLETE Body Transformation”

All you know need to know about the campaign;

1. Firstly, it is not a mental or unhealthy campaign. There is a lot of research that had been done prior to making this official
It costs only AED 1000 for the below points;
2. 4 1 hour classes of H.I.T (High Intensity Workout) per week
3. Diet plan is provided. Expect it to be similar to a Ducan Diet – an all protein diet for 21 Days with NO CARBS! You are not even allowed to touch fruits with natural sugar as it will get stored in your tummy.
4. A thorough detailed body analysis is done on Day 1. This data or as the owner – Hitesh Vacchani says your “Report Card” will include your fat %, muscle mass, liters of water in your body, target areas, etc
5. You have an option to attend 3 classes at 7PM on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday at the Business Bay branch or at 5AM at the Jumeirah Lake Towers branch. However the 4th class will be held at 10AM in the Jumeirah Lake Towers branch on a Saturday for everyone.
6. The person who loses the most weight gets their AED1000 back + a workout attire from ANTA Sports

Side-effects and Result;

*Started my diet on April 24 2016

If you have never done a protein diet before or are a chocoholic or made of carbs like me you can expect;
1. Bad headaches and giddiness from Day 2
2. Sweating by Day 3 (as your body is still adapting to the healthy decision you should have probably taken ages ago)
3. Lost 1.7 kgs in 5 days
4. Loss of sleep as the diet keeps you very “alert”. Your eyes will be sleepy but your brain will not want to (if that makes sense)
5. Mild to severe body pain after every session (depending on your endurance and stamina)
6. By Day 4 you may not face Point 1, 2 and 4.
7. Day 5 is when I started a having a MAJOR craving for some sugar.
8. The rest of the days – I started getting used to this lifestyle until Day 14. My body started to itch (including my face and eyes). It was quite an eerie reaction and I took my symptoms to google. Excessive Protein alters the water balance in your body that further causes dehydration. This leads to lack of moisture and your skin becomes dry and itchy. Your eyes will also feel dry from a lack of tears. As mentioned in point 4 my body was highly active; this means I was at a greater risk for these symptoms to occur. {Source}
In order to rectify this issue I had a small bowl of rice with curry (my first proper carbs after 2 weeks) and I felt much better and slept like a baby that night.
9. By Day 10 the shape of my body significantly changed and I got several compliments on how great I look 😉 Unfortunately, it would not show on the weighing scale as I was even growing muscle that further tones my body.
10. 3 weeks finally got over! My body analysis showed I gained 0.5kgs  muscle mass and I lost a little over 2.5kgs but felt like I lost wayyy more!

Noticing the difference in your body structure and constantly getting compliments are the only 2 things that will keep you going/motivated as this programme is not a walk in the park.

Type of workouts (12 1 hour sessions in total);

1. Session 1 was more like a warm up

2. Session 2 was all about Tabata 411 – Tabata includes multiple rounds of various exercises working with a 20 seconds on 20 seconds rest format. This high-intensity workout iss designed to get maximum results using the least amount of time.

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3. Session 3 included a lot of cardio and muscle workouts with weights
4. Session 4 was a combination of Body Pump (i.e. weights), Abdominal workouts and Martial Arts

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5. Session 5 was a deadly circuit that involved workouts like flipping tyres and battle rope workouts. You can imagine how that went down right?

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6. The rest of the sessions was a mix and match of the above. It had similar workouts but very different from each session too. The pace of the workouts increased and each set would comparatively be a little more longer and deadly.

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7. Session 11 and 12 was when I felt the strongest and seemed to have the most will-power and dedication! Felt great 🙂

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Call +971 4 3699940 (Business Bay branch) OR 04 551 4744 (JLT Branch) to secure your spot or email [email protected] for any other queries.

About Elevation Fitness

A quintessential gym located at two prime spots of Dubai; Business Bay and Jumeirah Lake Towers is the exciting new health and vitality concept that is dedicated to raising fitness levels in Dubai. The Business Bay branch offers a stunning panoramic views across Dubai’s cityscape, providing the perfect scenic accompaniment to every work-out. Although the gym is not big in size, it has all the facilities required for a good and effective training. However, the JLT branch is much bigger with a great outdoor gym that consists of required facilities and a running track. The lockers and shower rooms are far more spacious too.

Elevation Fitness is fully equipped to target all kinds of goals such as fat loss, muscle in definition, strength and conditioning, athletic performance etc. Their equipment partner is LIFE FITNESS and TECHNOGYM (that has now introduced their latest innovation OMNIA)

Social Media Links – Instagram @EFitUAE and Facebook www.facebook.com/ElevationFitnessUAE

Regular gym membership fee  AED300 per month

Classes included in AED300/month – TRX, Calesthenics, Body Combat, Body Pump, Body Attack, Zuma, Ab-blaster and stretch classes.

Location  Click here for the Business Bay branch location. Click here for the Jumeirah Lake Towers branch location.

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