This Japanese Cheesecake store in Dubai will make you jiggle

First of all Japanese cheesecake in Dubai itself is the biggest deal for all the cake shops in Dubai. There is hardly any cake shop in Dubai that could pull out authenticate Japanese cheesecake recipe in Dubai to take the Japanese fluffy cake on another level of softness and sweetness.

Uncle Fluffy is one such store that stands out of the crowd for their one product concept approach and secret ancient Japanese cheesecake recipe and it has even been rewarded with the title of best Japanese cheesecake legend and arguably one of best cake shops in Dubai ?

So what’s the big deal about their fluffy cheesecakes?

  • The secret Japanese cheesecake recipe: They have a team of professional and well-trained chefs with 15 years of experience each that includes traditional Japanese chefs as well
  • The detail-oriented methodology, carefully chosen ingredients, precision mixing and baking, and attractive finishing with decorative arts are what makes this a baking masterpiece
  • An ordinary Japanese fluffy cake in Dubai has basic ingredients such as cheese, eggs, butter, cream milk, etc. But they know the ‘technique’  aka how to mix them precisely, for how long, what temperature to bake them at, precautions, and final touches that not only make them look angelic but also give them mouth melting characteristics of original Japanese cheesecake in Dubai
  • Unlike the process of making normal cakes that involves the basic mixing, baking, decorating and serving, this dancing Japanese cheesecake requires some extra efforts and time-consuming process in order to prepare this cake
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Another big deal about Uncle fluffy’s cheesecake is the specialized iron stamp occasion cakes printed on the Japanese cheesecake and Japanese tart and chocolate tart providing the best birthday cakes in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and the best special occasion cakes or any other important events, best facility to order cake online, birthday cake delivery and online cheesecake delivery in Dubai that made Uncle Fluffy the center of attraction.

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Uncle Fluffy is located at many malls across Dubai including Dubai Marina Mall, Dragon Mart, Ibn Battuta Mall and in Abu Dhabi at Alwahda Mall, Yas Mall and Abu Dhabi Marina Mall.

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Order online, follow them on Instagram and Facebook or call them to order and deliver 058-9955802!

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