Do you live your life through internet suggestions and follow innumerable kinds of diets to live a healthy life? You may want to sit back on a chair and get these weird and crazy diet myths cleared up ASAP.

Diets and food habits have been passed down over generations and experiences. As an individual, you’re the best judge of your body and must understand that diet or food intake varies from person to person and their body adaptability 😮 There are many myths which are applied and believed to be so true that we don’t give it a second thought anymore and instead stick by it. Well, now’s the time to change.

1) Do not eat past 8 pm: We hear this from almost everybody we know! 🙆 It’s assumed that eating post 8 pm accumulates fat which gets stored in our bodies which does not burn off due to lack of activity. Studies have also shown that there are some people who lose weight eating early and some by eating later – eventually, it all depends on the person. So if you eat late, swap your cookies and ice cream for a bowl of salad or fruits, or you might even look to swap your late-night snacks for the likes of healthy nutritious products from somewhere such as Gold Bee Nutrition or the likes.This way, you’ll be mindful of your metabolism and the foods you’re actually consuming within a day. 😃

PS: However, if you do intermittent fasting, that may help. That is the main reason peeps or dieticians say don’t eat after 8 PM.

2) Coffee helps you lose weight: We’re sorry to disappoint you, caffeine addicts, but if you believed this myth and increased your coffee intake, you’re not doing it right 🙅 It’s alright to stick to 2-3 cups of coffee a day, and if you’re adding anything to the brew – be it cream, cocoa powder or sugar – consider the calorie intake accordingly. Even though the beverage boosts your metabolism, a drawback is that too much caffeine may lead to anxiety, sleeplessness, and an increase in heart rate and blood pressure… not really ‘weight loss’ 😨

3) 8-glasses of water a day are important: An ancient myth we don’t think anyone will ever get over, but it’s high time to think about it 🤔 We agree that being hydrated makes our system perform better resulting in effective physical activities and blood flow in the body. But does that necessarily mean we need to consume 8-glasses of water every day? Liquid in any form, be it a beverage like tea or coffee or any other fresh juice will also ensure the same or maybe even have better results. We suggest red wine, but whatever suits you best 😉

PS: People usually say drink that much water prior to eating, or when you’re hungry, so you feel ‘full’. Doesn’t really work for me. Lol!

4) Skipping meals will save calories: The latest trend is to try the Intermittent diet where one eats a meal after 14 hours only. While our parents (definitely) think it’s wrong to skip breakfast calling it a “KING’s” meal of the day, we beg to differ 🤷”â™‚ï¸ At times when the movement of food from the mouth through our system and out of the body is slow, digestive motility is taking place. And if anybody suffers through this it’s absolutely nothing to worry about – because if they skip a meal, it helps keep high blood sugar levels in check and gives our busy digestive systems a much-needed break ğŸ‘

5) You can’t have your favorite treats: Depriving yourself of your favorite snacks and treats may be physically healthy, but mentally unsatisfying. If you’re diligent to sustain through the week with a healthy diet or food program, you don’t need to indulge in a cheat meal, you deserve to savor it in small amounts and celebrate your efforts 😋

6) Following an intense work out regime: Let’s get one thing clear, you do not need to run a marathon or be part of a weight-lifting championship to be the fittest. Work commitments, schedules, and insecurities often affect our workout plans. But, low-intensity activity will help use up more energy. Brisk walking, gardening or doing housework can make quite a difference (research it if you wish). Try that for sure! 💪

7) Going on a diet is the best way to lose weight: If you think a “diet” is a quick fix that begins on New Year’s Day or before #vacay season – think twice 🤔 Instead, change the way you eat. Find a satisfying eating plan that you can live with long-term, and make sure you’re eating the right amount of calories for weight loss.

How to spot diet myths?

There’s certainly a loophole somewhere if you’re not satisfied or not seeing the expected results of your diet. Instead, if it’s getting you weak, uncomfortable and stressing you out – you definitely must see an expert. A diet is nothing but living a healthy and comfortable fit lifestyle for the longest time which is not intruded by assumptions from other’s experiences ğŸ¤-

Written and Researched by Simran Kanal

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