Neurotoxins: What Are They and How Do They Work?

Do you want to get rid of your premature wrinkles and fine lines? Injectable fillers are one of the easiest ways to remove wrinkles and get younger-looking skin. They will fill the folds of your skin and make your skin smoother. But, if dynamic movements cause your wrinkles, only fillers cannot cure them.

Here, you need neurotoxins. Neurotoxins are also a type of injectable fillers. Read on to know more!

What is a neurotoxin?

Before discussing further, we need to know what neurotoxins are. Neurotoxins are a type of purified protein. These are produced from Botulinum bacteria. Neurotoxins have been used to reduce wrinkles and fine lines since 1990. Since then, it has been accepted as one of the most popular cosmetic treatments.

These fillers target your wrinkles caused by facial expressions. When it is injected into your skin, your overactive muscles will relax. As a result, your expressions will be softened, and the wrinkle formation will be reduced.

How do neurotoxins work?

As mentioned above, neurotoxins are used to restrict your facial movements. When the filler is injected, it calms your nerves and facial muscles. Gradually, the nerves connected to your facial muscles get weakened. When the nerves become weak, they cannot control the muscles. Due to excessive facial movements and expressions, we get wrinkles. Thus neurotoxin restricts those movements, and as a result, new wrinkles do not form.

But, this only works for four to six months. After this, new nerves get connected with your facial muscles, and they become free of any restriction. So if you want to keep the effect, you’ll need to take more fillers after a few months.

What you need to know before getting neurotoxin treatment

Neurotoxin treatment is the most effective non-invasive way to get rid of wrinkles. But, there are some facts about this treatment that you must know for a complete understanding. They are:

1. Your age

There is no specific age for undergoing the treatment. Most of us have a misconception about the perfect age for taking facial fillers. You can even go for it in your 20’s. However, the earlier, the better. When we are young, we already have youthful skin, so a minimum amount of product is used to restore our beauty.

If you start the treatment when you are quite old, your skin is already damaged, so treating such skin will require more product. Moreover, in old age, the treatment will not last for a long time, so you’ll need to take fillers frequently. Neurotoxin treatment by Dr. Cristyn Watkins is very popular for its effectiveness and durability. She is the most sought-after health expert in and around the city.

However, if your finances are not planned well, getting these fillers on a regular basis might not fit in your budget. It is undeniable that old age tends to bring a lot of medical bills and can increase the chances of requiring special care and facilities such as assisted living (explore assisted living development consultants if you need help in this regard) or in-home care services. But with proper financial planning, you would be able to pay those bills without compromising other needs. You can also consider options such as long-term investments and asset planning to secure your future and retirement. If you are unsure of how to go about doing it, you could contact The Kelley Financial Group or a similar financial advisor firm that can assist you to plan your finances.

2. Treatment condition

Most of us start taking the fillers when the fine lines become prominent. This is a huge mistake! For best results, start taking neurotoxins before the appearance of wrinkles. Once the wrinkles are deep, treating them becomes more difficult. This is why you must visit a dermatologist before your wrinkles become permanent. When you only have surface wrinkles, the filler will restrict the movement of your facial muscles and prevent further wrinkles. If you want to make these services part of your plan, including fillers and botox, you can look for reliable and experienced dermatology professional for quality assistance.

3. The result

Neurotoxins will not change your appearance immediately. You must wait for a minimum of three to four days to see changes. Only after a week will you see significant changes of wrinkles and fine lines disappearing from your skin. The toxins take time to weaken your facial nerves and make your muscles inactive. So, if you’re anticipating immediate results, you may get disappointed.

4. Expression restriction

There is a term called ‘frozen face’ related to neurotoxin treatment. As it weakens your facial muscles, you cannot make certain expressions freely. But, this does not mean that your face will look frozen. Even after the treatment, you can make most facial expressions without exaggerating them. Your facial muscles will be weak, so you can only move them to a certain extent. This keeps your skin smooth and free of wrinkles.

5. Sessions required

The required number of sessions entirely depends on the condition of your skin. Moreover, it also depends on the results you expect. If you are young and have surface wrinkles, you will need fewer sessions. For people with deep-rooted wrinkles, more sessions are suggested.


Using neurotoxin fillers can change your entire appearance in just a few days. To ensure that you get safe treatment, check the quality of the product being used and the certification of the dermatologist. Always avoid cheap and duplicate fillers offered by unauthorized agents.

Everyone wants to stay young, but unfortunately, aging is inevitable. So, you must learn to embrace it instead of fearing the signs. But if you have signs of aging at an early age of life, you can use neurotoxins to keep your skin young, healthy, and in shape!

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