Where and why I’m learning Arabic? (All information provided)

Disclaimer (after backlash): This is not a sponsored post. Blogging for me is mainly about generating awareness and letting people know what I do or what helps me. I have chosen the below institute since it is the best in town and that is exactly what is being highlighted to you.

This blogpost was created only cuz I receive 100’s of messages on where I’m learning Arabic and what’s the procedure #KThanks!

Why I’m learning Arabic?

I know how to read and write Arabic….. but, I don’t know how to speak it! ??

I was brought up in Dubai, thus have studied Arabic from Grade 1 to Grade 10 (=10 years basically). Living in Dubai for over 20 years now and taking into consideration the field(s) I work in, I do feel it’s super important (for me and us) to learn the national language. If you want to learn Arabic online, then you should check out SAIOI.

The Institute

Eton Institute is apparently the best language institute in UAE. I had tried another institute months ago and it was nowhere close to this one, in terms of teaching skills and material.

In a nutshell

Eton’s even won several awards: Training Industry Watch List (2014), ‘Great Place to Work’ Award (2013 and 2015), ‘Dubai Top 100 SME’ (2015), Top Workforce Development Provider (2016), Langu.ag awarded ‘Language App of the Year’ at the ShortList Mobile App Awards (2016). Finalist in ‘Gulf Capital SME Awards (2015) and FEM’s Expatriate Management & Mobility Awards (2016).

The process

Step 1: Taking the aptitude test. Once you complete the test, you will receive your result by email (mine is A1.1)

Step 2: Call the Institute if you have any queries or choose a course option directly (group course, 1:1, duo, online, etc). Payment for the course can be done directly at the Institute, by cash, credit/debit card, PayPal, bank transfer or cheque. For your convenience, we can collect the payment from your location as well in the following form: Cash, Credit Card or cheque.

Step 3: Depending on the course option, get your schedule from the Institute.

*Express courses take place every day (5 days a week, Sunday-Thursday). Regular courses take place 2-3 times/week, with a weekend option. The content is the same for both options and covers 30 hours per level. I go every Saturday for 3 hours, from 2-5pm.

*There are 15 levels in total and these are mapped to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). The levels go from Starter level to C2 level (Advanced).


1. What language and course options do you offer?
We offer over 160 languages! Course options include Group, Duo Learning, One-to-One, and Self-Study.

2. How many students are assigned to a course? 
The number of students assigned to a course differs according to the type of course. A One-to-One course has 1 student, a Duo Learning course may have 2-3 students and a group course may have 4-12 students on average. Some classes may be bigger, which allows even more interaction!

3. Are books included in the course fee?
No, books are not included in the course fee and will have to be purchased separately.

4. What happens if I miss a class?
If you miss a class, we can send the material for that lesson to you and you may seek the help of the instructor for 5-10 minutes to find out what you may have missed. You also have the option of taking a private, one hour class with the tutor for a small additional fee.

5. Can I choose my own schedule for a private course?
Yes, you can choose the time and frequency of your classes as per your convenience.

6. For a private course, can the instructor come to my house for the class?
Yes, this is usually possible depending on your timings, location, and availability of instructors, for a small additional transportation fee.

7. Can I try the first session of a group course before enrolling?
Yes. You can sample the first session of a group course for a small fee a small fee, which will be deducted from the full course fee when you enroll.

8. At what level can I speak fluently?
Eton recommends reaching a B1 Level (Level 5-6) to communicate effectively.

9. My friend went to Eton, he said it does not help/isn’t effective.
Learning Arabic (I swear), requires a hell lotta commitment! If I lose focus in between the class for a few minutes (or don’t do my homework), I regret. This isn’t a walk in the park as it’s a beautiful yet complex language with several functions/nouns/verbs attached to gender ?

10. My professor’s name?
Qaiz. He’s amazing! The 3-hour class flies when he teaches! He adds a lot of energy to the class as his tonality is constantly booming with enthusiasm ?

*It should be noted that your professor plays a major role in developing an interest in a subject, for you. If he/she is not interactive or does not engage you in conversations, your course will only go in one direction… downhill.

11. How many weeks is each level mentioned above?
Each learner will take 3-10 weeks per level depending on the schedule he or she prefers. Remember that there are different types of learning lifestyle which vary according to flexibility and timing. 3-10 weeks usually applies to group classes.

12. When does the next training begin?
We always have a language course scheduled for any learner at any level. For English and Arabic (since they are the most popular in the UAE), we have regular Express Courses (30-hour course over 3 weeks, 2 hours daily, Sunday to Thursday). This summer, we offer Super Express Course (60-hour course over 3 weeks, 4 hours daily, Sunday to Thursday) which moves you up 2 levels over 3 weeks. Our next schedule for Express and Super Express courses is on 23rd July until 10th August 2017.

13. Do the costs/levels, etc remain the same if it’s for another language?
Yes, they are the same.

14. Can people start speaking fluently at the last level?
Yes! With the help of Etons qualified native speaker and the commitment of the learners (and lots of practice), it is possible to achieve fluency. The more levels the students take the more proficient they become. However, at Intermediate Level, you can confidently start and sustain conversations in your target language.


Group Courses are taught 2 hours, 2 or 3 times a week (except for Weekend courses which require 3 hours during Fridays and/or Saturdays). All group courses can have an average of 12 learners, and take 30 hours for AED 1550.

Duo Learning has flexible timing and location depending on your preference. It is a 20-hour course with 2-3 learners. It costs AED 2550 per student.

One-to-One is our 20-hour course for private learning. It also has flexible timing and location, only focused on one learner. This personalized course costs AED 4550

A registration fee of AED 150 only applies to first-time learners. On top of the course fees mentioned, a one-time fee for learning material is also added depending on the level (ranging from AED 50 to AED 250).


Since several people have been asking me about this. I have personally requested Eton for a discount code! #YAY ??

Use promo code NAOMI10 to avail  10% discount  – online and at the institute, both in Dubai and Abu Dhabi on Group Courses (all languages, exam preparation (IELTS, Cambridge English, DELE, etc), Kids & Teens Courses) and One-to-One (face to face and LiveOnline (virtual learning)). Valid until 31 August 2017.

Branches and contact info

Abudhabi, Dubai, Hong Kong, London, New Delhi, New York and Online.

Email [email protected] or call +971 4 438 6826 / +971 4 438 6827 to contact the Dubai branch.

Dubai branch timings

Weekdays: 8am – 9pm
Friday: 10am – 6pm
Saturday: 9am – 6pm


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