An Apple Cider Recipe that helps you curb hunger & lose weight

So recently, I started having Apple Cider my own way, every day in the morning before breakfast. I lost 3 kgs already! I’ve been putting it on my Instagram so thought of sharing it on my website as well to put all the info under one roof for everyone asking!

I’m going to try keeping this as concise as possible (& less scientific). If you need more deets or backing up to any of the below, feel free to research ☺️

Let’s start with the basics – What are the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)?

  1. Your appetite decreases because vinegar makes you feel full
  2. From point #1 this in turn reduces belly fat ?
  3. You stop craving sweet items (i.e. desserts)
  4. It makes your tummy feel better because of the probiotics in them and helps regulate the pH level in your stomach
  5. Could reduce your blood sugar
  6. Can boost your heart health as the dietary fiber called pectin, found in both apples and vinegar, helps neutralize bad cholesterol
  7. You know those fat loss pills sold in pharmacies? Do you know what’s in there? Essentially just turmeric, apple cider, and more. So forget the additional stuff they put in there to make pills, just make it yourself ?

The 2 cons,

  1. Vinegar should be diluted. Its high acidity can damage tooth enamel when sipped “straight” — thus, when I gulp it down, I avoid it touching my teeth.
  2. It has been reported to cause or worsen low potassium levels. That’s particularly important for people taking medications that can lower potassium (such as common diuretics taken to treat high blood pressure).

Now combine all the benefits of ACV, with TURMERIC and Pink Himalayan Salt (what I add to my recipe). If you’re an Asian, I’m sure you know what they are, but I’ll just put an infographic for you below anyway ?;

The Research of ACV

Check out this super detailed research article (if you’re free) on an experiment done on 175 obese Japanese students (they have measurements and everything in that article btw). To summarise it for you, the group was split into 2, half were actually given apple cider, the other half were on placebo (with no cider basically). The ones who were on cider every day lost belly fat!

  • The ones who had 15 mL (1 tablespoon): Lost 2.6 pounds, or 1.2 kilograms.
  • The ones who had 30 mL (2 tablespoons): Lost 3.7 pounds, or 1.7 kilograms.

Bear in mind that this study went on for 3 months, so the true effects on body weight seem to be rather modest. Tbh, when you’re on this, I won’t even say OMG YOU MUST DIET… You completely lose your appetite (and damn, I eat a LOT! So I was SHOOK at how I didn’t want anything ?).

Another research – Studies in obese rats and mice suggest that acetic acid can prevent fat deposition and improve their metabolism.

My Recipe

So everyone has their own version of the Apple Cider. Most of them use 2 tablespoons, dilute it with some water, add a splash of lemon juice (to dilute the taste of the ACV), and bam, done. Few even add honey, cinnamon, ginger, etc, to make it taste better, feel free to experiment a bit ?

Here’s my recipe:

  1. 2 tbsps of Apple Cider Vinegar
  2. Quarter tsp of Turmeric
  3. 2 pinches of Pink Himalayan Salt (if you want you can use normal salt as well)
  4. 2 pinches of Pepper

First, add the dry ingredients, then the Apple Cider Vinegar, if you do it the other way around, the dry ingredients get clunky quickly. I don’t put water, I have it as a shot. Feel free to add some water if you wish, but that’s just slow poison cuz the drink is disgusting lol, so I prefer a shot ?

I have this every morning as soon as I wake up, after I brush my teeth. I only have breakfast 1 hour after consumption. If I’m too hungry, y’all I’m not guna lie, I have breakfast after 10 mins lol ???

The brands I use

I use normal turmeric we get from the grocery, but since I now have it every day, mums going to buy an organic version LOL! ? For pepper, again, it’s ordinary pepper. I use Eden Organic Vinegar and Natural Pink Himalayan Salt – both available at Spinneys/Carrefour/Union-Coop from what I’ve seen. See below for the picture.

I really hope this helps y’all! Don’t forget to tag me at @naomi_dsouza in your Instagram stories or comment below on updates with your ACV journey! Good luck xx

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