5 ways to travel more even if you work full time

Saving up for a holiday can feel like the most difficult of feats, made even more challenging when you consider arranging your adventures around full-time work.

In the past, booking a holiday involved checking your allocated week or fortnight off, heading down to the travel agent and hoping that there was something reasonably priced and exciting that correlated with your dates.

Nowadays, a large proportion of consumers use their mobile phones to book their holidays, ensuring that they’re getting the best possible holiday type for the money they’re spending. You may find yourself asking the question: how can I do all of this when I work full-time? We’re here to tell you just how easy this actually is.

1. Take advantage of bank and public holidays

Being proactive and working out when public holidays fall before you put in your holiday requests can help you in terms of getting the best value for your days off. If you’re smart, you can really work the system and actually end up using fewer annual leave days than you would normally take – especially if you take your annual leave around Christmas or New Year, when you’re already guaranteed certain days off. You may find that the flights and hotels are slightly more expensive, but you can counteract this by booking a cheaper holiday with those extra days off that you’ve managed to save yourself.

2. Accrue your holidays to benefit from longer trips

Most people are tempted to scatter their annual leave across multiple weeks, with the intention of planning what they’re going to do with them at a later date. If your workplace is a little more flexible and you’re able to accrue your holidays and use them at once, then this is something to consider if you want to travel across multiple cities or countries. Looking for good travel options? Consider traveling to Lubbock by limo!

3. Consider taking a job in a new city

Planning the trip of a lifetime can be a bit of a squeeze if you’ve only got a week to do it, after all. According to statistics, approximately 39% of millennials and Generation Z’ers would refuse a job if it didn’t allow them to travel, whilst 30% would accept a lower salaried position if they knew that it included regular business trips. Experiencing a new city is an important part of a career change. For many, it is an opportunity to start being independent and move into their own apartment. Calling moving companies such as On The Move Mobile Storage Travel (for moving and storage leominster ma) and arranging the household items is all part of the newfound independence.
4. See if your job will allow you to work remotely

With technology being the forefront of business, more and more workplaces are offering their staff flexible working arrangements. If you’re interested in travel and your job allows you to work on the go, consider whether or not you could carry out your role remotely whilst you are away. As long as you stick to your contracted hours and do what is expected of you, then remote working could be a viable option.

5. Take advantage of your weekends – and use all of it

Finishing work on a Friday night and heading straight to the airport is nothing short of the dream – and it also means that you’re not wasting any time travelling when you could be exploring. Friday evening to Sunday evening trips give you two full days to take advantage of a new place – but also mean you’re back in time for work on Monday morning, and they don’t eat into any odd holiday days you have leftover. There are lots of cities that are perfectly sized to squeeze into a single weekend. Weekend breaks can be intense, but having the flexibility to see new places make it all worthwhile.

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