Top 5 Places in UAE That Receive Maximum Revenue from Travelers

Did you know? “The economy of the United Arab Emirates is positioned at the second largest in the Middle East after Saudi Arabia? UAE has collected a gross domestic product (GDP) of $407.52 billion (nominal) in 2017.”

UAE is one of the most preferred destinations in the world and also one popular business and commerce hubs. The United Arab Emirates offers visitors the most prominent leisure destination where one can relax and spend quality time watching the breathtaking attractive natural landscapes. Not only this much, but it also offers top-notch resorts, shopping centers, and eateries with a mix of a traditional and modern touch. Not to forget, UAE is one of the simpler destinations in terms of accessibility with its national airports opening up for tourists on a regular basis with visa quantity for over 30 countries available on arrival.

One of the biggest attractions the UAE has on people is how rich the culture is here. Despite its rapid growth, the population still holds onto its faith, traditions and culture. Tourists want to experience this firsthand and learn from their trips. Although, a lot of tourists will follow these xhamster unblock steps while visiting because it does block a lot of websites, especially those with adult content on them.

It can be undeniably said UAE is one continent gripping the world with its skyscrapers, high-class hotels, luxurious malls, and an impressive coastline. Many travel lovers mark this continent at the top on their bucket list. Here’s our best pick of the top 5 tourist places you must visit on your trip.

1. Burj Khalifa, Dubai

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Does Burj Khalifa need another introduction? The name Burj Khalifa is enough as this place is considered as one of the iconic destinations in Dubai and one best landmark building on every traveller’s list. The confounding bird eye views from the 124th floor are a pure treat and great lifetime opportunity for travellers. The building is bordered by the desert casing one side and the turquoise blue ocean on the other side.

2. Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Abu Dhabi

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Visiting the Sheikh Zayed Mosque is an absolute top place to see when it comes to visiting a popular place in Dubai. The Mosque is the largest place of worship in the UAE covering the area of more than 30 acres. The place is so wide and huge that it almost took a decade to build. Visitors can worship here and see the traditional architecture encompassed by the fragile interiors of montage, gold, glass, and marble.

3. Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

If you have heard of the artificial island but never got chance to visit then this is definitely one ideal destination. Palm Jumeirah is an artificial archipelago – a microcosm that is created by land renovation and offers a wide variety of resorts like Atlantis and Fairmont Palm.

4. Sharjah Art Museum, Sharjah

Sharjah Art Museum is one of the most important museums dedicated to the work of arts by modern artists from the Middle East and important pieces by European artists. It has some of the most diverse and wide range of UAE collection along with hosting a temporary exhibition all year round. The Sharjah Arts Museum is also considered as the only museum having varied art collection in the United Arab Emirates with a thrilling program of momentary exhibitions during the year.

5. Desert Safari, Dubai

For those who seek for adventure splash can make a beeline towards the empty stretch of desert joining the coastline outside the cities. Though there are a number of places where one can enjoy a number of activities around in Dubai. The desert safari in Dubai is one best experience you shouldn’t miss out. One can indulge in doing several activities including sand boarding, trekking, camel rides, four-wheel-drive trip and buggy journeys. All these activities can be one of the versatile things to try with friends and family without any restraint.

We can clearly say that the UAE flourish in natural ecosystems, cultural monuments, recreation sites, and best-made creation, these places make UAE a perfect spot for family holidays or even weekend getaways.

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