Cultural considerations for travelers to follow in UAE during Ramadan

Every county has their rules and regulations shaped up for foreign travelers visiting them and the respective governments have got every good reason to script up such rules in order to protect their culture and systems. The United Arab Emirates is no exception to this.

In fact, they tighten rules during the holy month of Ramadan, since it is a very important time for Muslims all around the world. So, before packing your bags, spare some time to see a few rules you need to follow in UAE and book your tickets with Etihad Airways coupons, especially during the month of Ramadan to enjoy special discounts. Here are the top 9 restrictions you need to learn about.

  1. Consuming alcohol in public

Though consuming alcohol is Haram in Islam, few bars and restaurants are kept open for non muslims & tourists, but with many conditions during Ramadan. There are places where you can get wine or beer. You are supposed to have them only at those places and not in public at any cost. Drinking in public shows disrespect and you may end up with severe fines and imprisonment depending on the extent of your actions. Enjoy your vacation touring the beautiful city of Dubai instead of getting into troubles violating the rules.

  1. Eating & drinking in public

The month of Ramadan is the month of fasting and a lot of people fast from sunrise to sunset. You can see people working under the sun and traveling in the heat even though they’ve been on a fast all day. It is important to be respectful to them and refrain from eating, drinking or chewing gum in public so that you don’t disturb their religious feelings or lead them to temptation. As a guest, one should respect the host’s hospitality and their cultures. So, watch your food habits in public places.

This doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to eat anything the whole day. You can eat food at the comforts of your own room, hotel or any restaurant. It is often difficult to find restaurants open during the day in Ramadan, but you will find some that are open just for travelers. There are also countless Iftar events throughout the country, so keep your eyes open for those!

  1. Doing drugs

Don’t even think of doing this. This act will put you in very serious trouble if you fail the drug test. UAE has said a very big no to drugs and anyone found doing it has been punished in many cases. Anything that is prohibited in Islam is prohibited in the country, except for a few exceptions like bars and restaurants serving pork. In the holy month, if you are found doing drugs, irrespective of whether it’s in a public place or not,  you may have to ask your country’s embassy to help you.

  1. Wearing inappropriate outfits

Every country has this section in their rule book. Regulation on attire is usually made keeping the culture in consideration. Violation of the same could land you in trouble. Usually, Dubai is open for people with western habits and lifestyles, but not in the month of Ramadan. This is to prevent people on fast from getting distracted or disturbed from their sense of devotion. You don’t have to clad yourself in a burqa, but do try to keep your shoulders and knees covered as a token of respect. This is applicable to both men and women.

  1. Making loud noises

This could include shouting or playing music in a high volume. Do not do this. The country is doing its best to make you feel comfortable, so it is your responsibility to respect it. Listening to music during fasting is not recommended to Muslims. Carry your earphones if you wish to hear music while walking on the roads or while shopping. Don’t miss amazing offers and discounts during the month.

  1. PDA 

While fasting, it is prohibited to have sex or even to kiss the spouse. That is how the rules are made in Islam and the UAE follows it. You are not supposed to kiss or hug the opposite gender in public, even if you are a couple. This sends a disrespectful message to the people around you.

Don’t be afraid of the rules set up. These are meant to protect the emotions and feelings of fellow localities. It is your responsibility to show your thankfulness and respect by not committing these mistakes. UAE is home to a rich culture, so enjoy your vacation following these rules. Plan your trip to visit UAE during Ramadan this time and book your flight tickets getting special discounts with the help of Emirates coupons

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