It is easy to say that almost everyone does enjoy a good game of Scrabble. There are still some basics that even the most enthusiastic players need to go through, especially if they want to win. If you would like to win a game every single time, and with a big score, you’ll want to develop unique strategies that work specifically for you.

Deciding whether any particular strategy is actually good or not depends on the outcome. If you intend on getting big scores in Scrabble, this article is for you.  Here we’ll talk about some tips to help you win in this fun and stimulating word game. 

1. Use online tools

In case you’ve had enough of always being on the losing side of the game, it would be wise to stop and consider using tools that can help you develop new tactics! Some players may consider this to be cheating, so it’s best to agree on the rules beforehand. By using these tools, you will not only be able to achieve as many points as possible because of the ability of these programs to show you the best word combinations possible, but you can also quickly pile up points!

As professionals from can confirm, wordfinder technology will help you find valid words that can be made with any result. Unlike word lists or even dictionaries, these tools have an automatic word generator from any range of letters. These generators can give you variations of words that even the most experienced players will not think of quickly. No matter if you’re competing with someone face-to-face or online, it would be wise to use this tactic and thus ensure a good score and a win.   

2. The Hot Spot

Your score can be boosted to triple digits by merely being able to execute a well planned triple word square in scrabble successfully. Similarly, the same would apply to word beginnings as well as endings. Words like “ing,” “ed,” “er,” and so on should be placed on the side. Such a move will give you a clear picture of what to do with those pairs later. The same would also apply for words like  “or,” “re,” “un,” and “in.” Usually, they should be used for the beginning of the word and be placed on the opposite end of your rack. That way, you will also have a clearer picture. 

3. Avoid certain words

If you like using acronyms, suffixes, proper nouns, aberrations, or prefixes, while playing, sorry to say,  you’re not doing a great job. These words require hyphens or apostrophes that are not usable. Keep in mind that foreign words are also out. By avoiding these in general, you will be able to get more points since you will not set yourself for a “trap.” It is also advisable to pay attention to what your rival is doing and challenge their words. As a result, the challenged party needs to remove its tile and lose their turn, giving you the chance to have a better score. 

4. Rely on hooks

It may sound silly,  but it is wise to rely on hooks. Any word that exists can be made into a new one. For that reason, any singled-out letters that you can add at the end or at the beginning of words will help you create something with similar or completely different meanings. This move in a game of Scrabble is called a hook. For instance, the letter C can turn the word “Lass” into “Class.” These tactics in Scrabble will not only benefit you and ultimately give you extra points but will also help you to destroy your opponent’s words.

These advices should point you in the right direction and ensure you receive the best possible Scrabble score and ultimately make you win the game. It does not matter what your skill level is; it is easy to comprehend and master these rules. Another scrabble-style game you might enjoy playing with these tips is Word Life! Managing through them is easy, and all left for you is to play! Any next session will be a thrill, especially since you’ll be sure you’ll win and have the highest score of the lot. 

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