All I needed after my Masters exam was this spa treatment! ❤

At SOMA Spa a friendly team of experienced therapeutists create a personal spa journey for you to rejuvenate, relax and pamper your mind, body and soul.

I was welcomed at the glistening spa by staff that were bursting with energy followed by meeting the informative manager  – Claudia Dascalu, who explained the whole concept of SOMA Spa and what they are unique in.


Claudia explained the products used by every therapist during a spa or facial is unique and not an ordinary store bought product. SOMA always likes being one step ahead of the game by purchasing brands that have a story behind it.

1. Phytomer – The benefits of the sea are fascinatingly limitless and Phytomer makes exceptional products by obtaining minerals and agents from the sea! For 40 years now the team keeps discovering various marine ingredients to invent the cosmetics of tomorrow. Today PHYTOMER is one of the few cosmetic companies in the world to master marine biotechnology.

2. Ainy – Daniel – the owner of Ainy, met a young shaman apprentice, who helped him discover the power of plants (shamans are practitioners known to interact with the spirit world and channel energies into the world). That being said, Ainy is created by using sacred plants that have the power to protect and heal. These plants have also been passed down from generation to generation.


“Heaven on Earth – facial and full body massage” [120 minutes AED695] is what I had opted for. It is the ultimate treatment to make you feel like you are in heaven and leave you destressed by the end of it.

1. Prior to the treatment I was offered a refreshing cold juice, a warm towel and a general information form to fill at the side.

2. 15 minutes before the spa I was told to change into my robe and proceed to the steam room for 5 minutes followed by sauna for another 5 minutes and then a quick shower to “shock” my body. Quite an interesting process according to me.

3. Karena by Therapist then assisted me to the spa room from the ladies room and made me choose 1 from 4 different essential oils that would be used throughout the session (you have the option of choosing sandal wood, lotus or ylang ylang). I chose “Charm D’orient” because it smelled the best and was good for dry skin 🙂 . Every oil has a significance – it can either cure depression, insomnia, dry skin or even elevate joy. Choose wisely 😉

4. The first hour was solely for massaging my body and stressing on pressure points. You will be asked for the first few minutes about how much physical pressure you can endure for the massage and what area you would like to focus on specifically. Karena being the informative woman she is, gave several reasons why a particular area of the body aches and even gave solutions on how to overcome them. For a few minutes she even did massages that would break the cellulite cells that are present in my upper thighs (it is a little painful but definitely worth it).

5. The second hour was dedicated to my face! Karena used several Phytomer products and ended my facial with a pack. The products are indeed amazing as by the end of it I looked more radiant, fresh and was shining like a star 🙂

The treatment eventually increased my energy level but at the same time made me feel so relaxed! Karena even managed to relieve aches from specific parts of my body. My spa ended with a hot cuppa ginger tea with 3 dates to go! What a lovely experience indeed 😀

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1. There was no WiFi available at the SOMA Lobby or the ladies/locker room, but there is coverage when you are in the spa treatment room (where you should be relaxing)
2. The lockers were long but too narrow to fit in my heels, bag, and dress.
3. One shower rooms lock was broken


They have 4 different kinds of facials for women and 3 for men. Additionally, they have over 8 different types of body massages you can choose from!

30 minutes [AED225]
60 minutes [AED400]
75 minutes [AED475]
90 minutes [AED545]
120 minutes [AED695]

Age – 16+
Appointment Booking – 04-6038275
Opening Hours – 7AM-10PM

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