12 delicious waffles in UAE you need to try right now!

I can’t help but feel waffley happy when it’s waffle day! ? This versatile dish has captured hearts, being equally loved whether you prefer savoury or sweet. And luckily for us, a ton of restaurants in Dubai have come up with absolutely mouthwatering versions of it! ?

Hedel Frank from Bring the food out is one of the few food bloggers who’s consistently eating but never puts on weight! ? She has a major sweet tooth, thus, needless to say, a huge fan of desserts. BTFO is about all things food and it’s been running for 3 years now. Hedel loves all types of food, mainly food that has a story to tell. ☺️ The creativity within each dish intrigues her and so does every trend that runs in the food industry (considering the trends in the Middle East changes every other day). ?

Please note, the below is not in ranking order.

1. Duck Waffle at Via Veneto

If I remember correctly, Via Veneto was possibly amongst the first places I tried a savoury waffle simply because I couldn’t completely grasp the concept of waffles with meat. ? Via Veneto, you guys did good – don’t know how you do this but with duck confit, fried egg, beef bacon and caramelized apple-mustard syrup, your savoury waffles are lit! ?

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2. Waffles at Izu Bakery

Amongst my fav places for breakfast, Izu Bakery’s simple and straightforward waffles work quite the magic! ✨ Maple syrup or chocolate sauce, you choose.

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3. Benediction at Roux

I can’t decide if this is an Eggs Benedict or falls under savoury waffles, but either way, it tastes bloody damn good. And with Grapefruit on the side?! Well played, guys! ?

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4. Buttermilk Waffles at Sarabeth’s

Sarabeth’s is one of the best breakfast places in Dubai – I mean, just look at their waffles! ?

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5. Chocolate Nutella Waffles at Chateau Blanc

Who doesn’t love some candy atop their chocolate Nutella waffles? ?

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6. Waffles with berries [AED 48] at Mousse Au Chocolat

You never know when the waffle cravings can kick in. Thankfully Mousse Au Chocolat does an all-day breakfast and their waffles are sure to be up your alley. ?

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7. Wonderful world of waffles [AED 50] at Frostbite, Abu Dhabi

Your choice of ice cream stacked in between and on top of waffles – slightly cheeky for breakfast, but hey, we won’t tell if you don’t. ??

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8. Waffles at At.mosphere

At.mosphere’s waffles with chocolate Chibouste is so soft that it melts right through. ?

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9. Bubble Waffles at The Fork Cafe, Sharjah

Like regular waffles weren’t enough, now we have these going around, creating a ruckus. ?

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10. Wofl

These are like shawarma-takeaways, only so much better! Dress up your fresh and hot waffles just the way you want! ?

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Here are two more recommendations from me:

11. Waffle at DipnDip

Would you just look at all that chocolate?! Def one of the most sinfully delicious waffles in Dubai! ?

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12. Fried Chicken & Waffles [AED 68] at Clinton Street Baking Company 

God bless Clinton Street Baking Company for bringing us the best of both worlds in the form of the ultimate comfort food! ??

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Which is your top waffle place? Will you be trying any of the above-mentioned ones? Tell us! ?

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