NSTYLE ~ Hydropeptide Facial Treatment

Established in 2001 – The international brand ‘NStyle’ is recognized as one of the region’s largest organically grown companies in the beauty industry offering premium beauty and grooming services

Having stores in Bahrain, Kuwait, Jordan, UAE and Canada they attract over 50,000 males and females in a month. 10 years after, NSTYLE launched its own beauty line and nail polishes that is available across all stores. The nail polishes are chip resistant, give a flawless coverage and has a long lasting glossy finish.

NStyle has now launched a ‘HydroPeptide Facial Treatment’ that combines science and nature to achieve age-defying results. The therapist performs a resurfacing treatment that smoothens, plumps, visibly lifts and renews your skin tone. Customers can choose from 3 different types of Hydropeptide facials depending on their skin type and needs.
1. HydroPeptide Express Facial [25 minutes – AED250]
2. HydroPeptide Deep Cleansing Facial [60 minutes – AED450]
3. HydroPeptide Deep Cleansing Facial [60 minutes – AED550] (concentrates more on diminishing wrinkles and fine lines)

HydroPeptide products have revolutionized skin care through the power of peptides as messenger molecules that work on a cellular level to increase hydration of your skin that would further reduce the visibility of wrinkles and enhance skin’s natural luminosity. Powerful peptides have the capability of instantly restoring your skins health. The extensive range of Hydropeptide® products is now available at all NStyle Beauty lounges and UML outlets across UAE.

I got invited by NSTYLE to review the HydroPeptide Facial and the Manicure Pedicure. When my mum was doing the 60 minute facial that was priced at AED450, I was getting pampered with a Manicure and Pedicure that costs AED80 and AED90 respectively.

My Manicure Pedicure made me feel like I am #LivingLifeKingSize. As my pedicuNSTYLEre was being done, I was sipping on a hot cup of NSTYLE home-made coffee from a glass that had beautiful gold and orange checkered design 🙂 While my pedicure was a 10/10, my manicure was just a 7/10 mainly because the manicurist did not do a great job removing my gelish nailpolish. The gelish was unevenly removed that further affected the top layer of my nail. This created a lot of ridges that still looks bad underneath my normal nailpolish 🙁

The facial involves using a LOT of HydroPeptide products every couple of minutes to ensure constant hydration by the removal of dead skin and dirt from your pores via relaxing facial massages at targeted/stress points. After the hydration process, your skin shall be exposed to semi-hot steam followed by using various facial tools that will be used to remove black heads or white heads from different areas of your face (i.e. your nose, cheeks, forehead, etc). To finally soothe the face a refreshing face mask is applied and left on your face for a couple of minutes. While this is being done the customer can relax with eyes shut. After cleaning up; I finally saw my mum – Clementine D’Souza who looked beautiful than ever. Her skin looked flawless, the age lines were comparatively lesser, her skin had a natural shine, she looked relatively fairer, young as ever and most importantly, Mom looked radiant ❤

Call 800-NSTYLE or 800-678953 to book your appointment!


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