Pool Area Lighting: Safe and Stylish Options to Consider

Is your outdoor pool in need of some extra lighting? Whether you’d like to upgrade your existing lights or add something brand new, installing the right type of lighting for your pool area is one of the best methods to make it both safe and stylish.

From subtle LED fixtures to eye-catching spotlights, there are numerous possibilities out there—and we’re here to help you find the ones best suited for your particular needs. In this pool lighting guide, we’ll cover all aspects, from installation considerations and design principles to functionality tips.

Let’s dive into this comprehensive guide on selecting the ideal outdoor pool lighting because, with just a few simple changes, you can transform your backyard oasis into a true showstopper!

Option 1: LED Fixtures

LEDs are an excellent way to add a touch of modern elegance to your pool area. They come in a range of colors, including soft whites and warmer tones, which can be used to create an inviting atmosphere as the sun goes down. Plus, they’re very energy-efficient and last significantly longer than other types of lighting.

They’re also perfect for setting the mood, as many programmable options allow you to adjust their brightness and color depending on the time of day or your current activity. Convenient, right?

Option 2: Spotlights

Adding spotlights around the pool is an effective method to add drama and atmosphere to your pool area—especially if you have ample space. They provide an intense beam of light, which can be used to highlight your favorite features, such as trees, plants, and sculptures. With their adjustable angles and long-distance range, spotlights are a go-to solution to create an eye-catching nighttime display that can be seen from a distance.

Option 3: Deck Lights

Deck lights are an excellent option for illuminating the pathways and areas around your pool, as they’re designed to be unobtrusive yet still provide plenty of ambient light. They can also be used to create a subtle yet effective lighting effect—a great way to enhance the look of your outdoor space without being too overpowering.

When selecting deck lights, look for those that are specifically designed for outdoor use and are rated for wet environments. This will ensure that your lights are safe to be exposed to the elements and can withstand any moisture or water splashes that may occur near the pool area.

Option 4: Swimming Pool Lights

If you’re looking to add a touch of color to your pool, swimming pool lights are the way to go. They come in a range of colors and styles and can be used not only for adding visual interest but also for increasing safety levels when using the pool at night.

Swimming pool lights typically come in two types: traditional white lights for illuminating the entire pool and colored lights for adding some stylish flair. The latter is a tempting option if you want to create a fun atmosphere or if you’re planning to entertain guests at night.

Option 5: Fiber Optic Lights

Fiber optic lights are the way to go for a truly unique look. These tiny strands of light are made from glass, plastic, or metal fibers that emit a beautiful glow when illuminated. They’re often used to create stunning designs in the pool area, such as starry skies and underwater scenes—excellent for setting the mood for an unforgettable night of entertainment.

Fiber optic lights are typically more expensive than other types of pool lighting, but they’re well worth the investment if your goal is to create an unforgettable experience for your guests.

Pool area lighting is an integral part of the overall outdoor lighting scheme. With a little bit of research, you can find the fitting light fixtures that will provide just the right amount of safety and style for your pool area. 

However, suppose you simply can’t make up your mind. In that case, it is always recommended to let the professionals do their magic and create the perfect setup for you. Experienced lighting professionals at Blingle can help you make the best decision for your pool area, taking both safety and aesthetics into consideration. 

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