Expert Tips for Seasonal Lawn Care and Maintenance

As the seasons change and temperatures drop, ensuring your lawn is well-kept is essential. Taking care of a lawn requires regular upkeep year-round, and this can be more challenging in the winter than at any other time of year. 

If you want to keep your yard looking its best all season long, it’s important to have a plan for seasonal maintenance. With some expert tips from experienced technicians, you can easily navigate each season and ensure that your lawn stays healthy no matter what. 

Read on for top advice from Heroes Lawn Care on how to take care of your outdoor space every step of the way!

Choose the Right Lawn Mower

Finding the right machine for the job can make all the difference when mowing your lawn. Many different mowers are available, but not all are designed for the same task. 

For example, an electric mower may be too weak to get the job done if you have a large lawn with thick grass and uneven terrain. Instead of taking a gamble on the wrong machine, do some research and find one that is up to the task and fits your budget. 

Also, it’s best to get a mower with an adjustable height setting to adjust the blade to accommodate various heights of grass and weeds. This will ensure you don’t damage your lawn and leave it looking awkward or patchy. 

Aerate and Fertilize 

It’s important to aerate and fertilize your lawn at least once a year to promote healthy growth, giving it the nutrients it needs. Aeration involves using specialized machinery or spikes to puncture small holes in the soil. This allows air and water to penetrate deeper into your lawn, helping the grass roots to grow stronger. 

Fertilizing helps to keep the soil enriched with essential nutrients, promoting a lush and healthy lawn. 

Grub Control

Grubs are the larvae of beetle species, and they can cause significant damage to your lawn. The easiest way to prevent grub infestations is to apply grub control products before these pests become active in spring. 

To get the best results, you should apply it at least a month before the expected grub activity period in your region. 

Grub control products contain insecticides that won’t harm other beneficial insects or your lawn’s grass. Applying these products before grubs become active will help ensure that they don’t have a chance to cause damage and potentially require costly repairs. 

Set a Lawn Care Day

One of the best things you can do to maintain your lawn is to set a weekly lawn care day. On this designated day, take an hour or two (depending on how large and complex your yard is) to perform general maintenance tasks such as mowing, aerating, edging, and fertilizing. 

This will keep your lawn healthy and free from pests and diseases and help prevent it from overgrowing. Plus, you’ll be able to enjoy your lawn much more with less time and energy spent on maintenance tasks! 

Weed Out the Unwanted Plants 

To ensure that your lawn remains healthy and lush, it is important to keep weeds out. The best way to do this is by regularly removing unwanted plants as soon as they sprout. Hand-pulling or using a weed killer can effectively keep weeds from taking over your lawn. 

Water Your Lawn Regularly

Water is essential for maintaining a healthy lawn, so it’s important to keep your lawn hydrated with regular watering. It’s a good idea to water your grass more often when the weather is hot and dry or if you live in an area with heavy clay soil. 

During these periods, it’s recommended that you water your lawn every two days and make sure the water reaches a depth of several inches.

Rake Before the Winter Sets In

Raking leaves in the fall is one of the most important steps when prepping your lawn for winter. Leaving leaves on your lawn can suffocate the grass and get caught underneath an unforgiving frost. 

The type of rake you use matters, too. A plastic or metal one can easily damage delicate blades of grass and potentially leave them vulnerable to disease. Choose a rake with soft bristles to ensure the safety of your lawn while still getting the job done effectively. 


Maintaining your lawn requires regular maintenance and upkeep throughout the year. But with a proactive approach and expert advice, you can easily keep your outdoor space looking green and lush all season long. 

By following these tips from Heroes Lawn Care, you’ll be able to keep your lawn healthy and free from pests, weeds, and other damage-causing elements. 

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