Ah… Food Tours! Don’t you just love that? Especially SUSHI TOURS! Read on… 😉 ❤️

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If you are not a fan of Sushi (like how I was 2 years ago), read below 😉 ;

How can you start liking Sushi?

It must be noted that Sushis are divided into 2 categories – cooked and raw. If you are new to sushi’s;

1. You must start with trying the cooked ‘Maki Rolls’
2. Opt for a tempura filling (battered deep fried vegetables, meat or seafood) filling. 3. Do not opt for Salmon filling as it has a strong fish taste and you MAY not like it.
4. For a first timer or someone who hates the taste of sushi, dipping the roll in soy could be a bad idea. Thus, avoid that if you can 😉

Restaurants we visited

Every month, several restaurants open in #MyDubai. I thought I had a list of Top 3 Best Sushi Restaurants in Dubai, but unfortunately, no. Here are my next 3 sushi spots to try 🙂 I re-visited all these places with my amazing followers! Against each restaurant, is their rating too. A big thank you to the 3 restaurants that sponsored this tour!

1. Sumo Sushi & Bento – Sumo Sushi & Bento has been serving one of the best sushis in Dubai and throughout the GCC for more than 15 years, providing a unique family friendly, authentically fun Japanese restaurant. Sumo Chefs serve up a wide variety to please any palate. From the popular bento boxes, noodle dishes and traditional sushi to the ever famous and custom created Sushi Sandwiches, Poke Bowl and Salmon Lovers Bento. Their sushi menu offers a wide range of healthy options and quality food at affordable prices.

Location – Town Centre, Jumeirah
Avg. Followers Rating (on 10) – 8.4

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2. Mori Sushi – Mori Sushi’s traditional Japanese dishes are expertly infused with just the right amount of Latin flavour; providing a deliciously fresh interpretation on its Japanese-Brazilian fusion twist. There’s a sushi bar specialising in contemporary takes on sushi, sashimi, nigiri and temaki. Its robata-grilled bites will transport your senses into a realm of captivation with each and every plate that leaves its kitchen – arriving with the indescribable handcrafted skill that only a true sushi master could provide.

It incorporates the ancient philosophical idea of ‘feng shui’ in its design; creating a versatile dining experience that evolves from day to night and an atmosphere that is harmonious despite its vibrant and lively patrons.

Location – Town Centre, Jumeirah
Avg. Followers Rating (on 10) – 8.2

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3. Novikov Dubai – From Mayfair to Sheikh Zayed Road, Novikov Restaurant & Bar Dubai is the second restaurant outside London for the Novikov Restaurant Group, the phenomenally successful company headed by Arkady Novikov, the restaurantguru who changed the face of dining in London. Novikov Dubai is an Asian Restaurant that launched in August 2015, boasting an eclectic menu showcasing a Fresh market with International produce and organic vegetables, led by Executive Chef, Shane Macneill. Novikov’s main attraction is its seafood market. An unusual, semi-circular bar positioned in front of the energetic open kitchen. Lined by a colorful array of organic fruits and vegetables, many of which are found in Novikov’s signature dishes, the market boasts an array of seafood from all the corners of the world.

Location – Sheraton Grand Hotel
Avg. Followers Rating (on 10) – 7.4

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As mentioned in my earlier post, 3 sushi spots seems too less but by the time you reach the second restaurant, you will have to drag yourself to the third! By the end of the tour we crashed and rolled ourselves out of Novikov 🙂

Mission Successful xx … Don’t forget to check out #EatWithN on Instagram 🙂

* Note: #EatWithN Tours does not aim at promoting restaurants through naomidsouza.com. Sushi is disliked by many – the purpose of these tours is to make people like something they would never try/or have tried and hated. Additionally, I have personally seen the people who have come with me for these tours, spread the word and rave about a particular restaurant.

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