This restaurant only plays old Bollywood Songs & serves alcohol!!


SUPER excited to be one of the firsts to try this restaurant out with my friends!

Seriously guys, think about it – a dim-lit restaurant that plays tracks only from the 80’s from Aaj kal tere mere pyaar ke charche to the 2005 Bluffmaster songs aka Say Na Say Na loudly with a couple of drinks at the side while munching on bhel or chewing chuskis/barf ka gola’s at the same time, with your friends!! I would never have imagined I’d be doing this in DUBAI!!! ???


Moombai & Co. (Instagram) – opening on September 15th, 2017 to the public at H Hotel is the place you must be at if you LOVE anything to do with Bollywood! You will not find marble finished tables, walls or flooring here, instead, you will find bricked walls smeared in coffee and paintings, Amitabh Bachan and old movie posters, massive cassette tapes stacked on a shelf and drums that you can play with once you’re drunk! ?

At Moombai & Co., don’t start with a glass of wine, instead order a Chuski/Barf ka gola that comes with VODKA and chaat masala (def: crushed ice shaped into a popsicle and dipped in flavored syrup) ?? or a Kingfisher Extra Strong Beer (popular beer in Bombay served in Dubai, ONLY at this restaurant)!
PS: You cannot smoke inside the restaurant. However, you can outside, at their private outdoor seating area!

A little background: Moombai & Co. is a unique Irani-Parsi café and bar that fuses the magic of olden day Mumbai to the modern vibrancy of Dubai. They popularly go with the hashtag #NewFashionedAndHonest ? If you are here, you will definitely feel like you’re on the streets of Bombay!

The Food

Cost: Starters range from AED 25-60, BBQs range from AED 40-85 and curries from AED 45-95

I haven’t tried enough dishes to judge which is their best, but from what I tasted, below are my recommendations!

Must Order Drinks: Genie ka Jadu (Gin-i, get it? HAHA), Muna Bhai MBBS (tastes more like a Sangria), the Kingfisher Extra Strong Beer (my friends favorite), Espresso Martini and Barf ka Gola (not all my friends liked this, but I sure did)

Must Order Food and Dessert: Keema and Pav, Chicken Biryani Rice, Daal Makhani (with white makhan – only place in Dubai that does this and it definitely is the best Daal Makhani I’ve had), Lamb Curry, Patra Ni Macchi, Lunch Tiffin that consists of bread, samosas and curry (perfect for a quick snack), Kulfi Sticks, Masala Chai (one of the best I’ve had)

What you can skip: Spiced Calamari, Lamb Kebabs, Aunties Martini, Creme Caramel Custard

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I hope you guys love it as much as I did! xx

Contact and Location

Email [email protected] or call +971 4 501 8607


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