What does your favourite donut say about you?

Instead of looking at your horoscopes, take a look at the shelves of the donut shops in your locality. You would be surprised what your favourite donut says about you.

When you are headed out for work or for school, you pick up a donut to go along with some freshly brewed coffee from the nearby donut store ?☕ At times, it is your ‘pep talk’ snack that you have when you’re feeling down and more often than not, it’s something you nibble on to satisfy your sweet tooth. Either way, any situation is the best occasion for a donut ? Well, have you ever wondered what your taste in donuts says about your personality and habits? Here’s a list of the most popular donuts at coffeehouses in the UAE and what they say about you.

Disclaimer: An actual study was conducted on 25 individuals who consume donuts regularly. These assumptions were made from studying the behaviours of these people and associating them with their favourite donut. The majority of the outcomes from the study was only taken into consideration.

1. Powdered sugar

You might be misunderstood for a plain cake which is boring, but that powdered texture i.e. the twist in your personality proves it wrong ? You are confident and you don’t mind getting your hands, mouth and your workplace a bit messy. You are creative and also possess the traits of a leader, as you tackle problems that arise head-on. Your friends and co-worker look up to you for handling a situation and providing solutions as you stay calm during the storm ⛈

2. Original glazed

If you choose this as your go-to snack, you are often referred to as ‘Plain Jane’ by your friends. You prefer to keep things simple and fuss-free ? You probably even select your shopping and dining destinations based on how hassle-free and quick they are to reach. Nevertheless, you are a reliable person whom your friends come to for advice. You are always there for people to fall back on ?

3. Frosted

You don’t try to complicate things, but you like to switch it up a bit sometimes. You prefer a little flavour in every sphere of your life and hence, you change the frosting of your donut such as chocolate, strawberry, vanilla ? You are quite the charmer and are always invited to parties/night-outs because your smile lights up the room and it’s quite delightful to see.  However, there is something that is quite unexpected; the fact that you value traditions and are quite old fashioned in your ideologies. You devote time to keep your loved ones happy and are always glad to attend family events ?

4. The All-Chocolate

You love devouring donuts as it satisfies both criteria’s: eating a donut and a cake ?? With the flavour of this delicacy being consistent with good old chocolate, it can be said that you love chocolate and don’t mind eating lots of it. You are a person who loves sticking to a routine and advocates bringing consistency into your life. You don’t like change and aren’t comfortable with it, be it at the workplace or in your social life ?‍♂️

5. Rainbow Sprinkled

Covered with bright and vibrant coloured sprinkles, this donut is notable for stealing the gaze of everyone ? It has a phenomenal appearance which sets it apart from the other donuts. That’s exactly what your personality is! You are the life of the party and the first one to get crazy as you are playful, fun and have a young soul. You choose dresses that are bright with crazy patterns and decorate your room with vibrantly coloured furniture. You are the one who persuades your group of friends and co-workers to try new and exciting things.  You are anything but dull and know how to make someone’s day with your witty comments and jokes ?

6. Boston Crème

Just like this donut which turns to be much tastier than expected, you tend to be a mysterious person as your friends have a hard time figuring you out ? You seem to be an average person to everyone, yet you surprise them with your talents or even sudden outbursts. You aren’t afraid of taking the first step or facing challenges in any aspect of your life. It can also be said that you like to pamper yourself and indulge in some instances, just like the time you spent savouring this donut ?

7. Jelly-filled

You have similar characteristics to your cream-filled counterpart; nonetheless, this donut is sought out for its contradictory flavours ? It is filled with gooey raspberry jelly which points out to the fact that you don’t mind making a mess and are unperturbed by it. Moreover, you have a heart of gold but don’t express your affection easily. You are often misjudged as a cold-hearted person, yet when the occasion arises, you show your tender and caring nature ?

8. Maple Dip

You are known for being an old soul ? You might even have a collection of stamps from countries across the world and are the culprit of exposing your group of friends to hit songs by ABBA, Bonney M, etc. who were popular back in the 90’s. Just like how you stuck to this donut flavour in your childhood, you resist change and take time in accepting them. However, you are the one people come to for philosophical lessons of life ?

9. Honey Cruller

Known for its perfectly symmetrical shape, the honey cruller stands out from the rest and has us in awe. If you choose to devour this donut even at rush hours, that means you are detail-oriented and observant ? You label all condiments in your kitchen cabinet and follow a skincare routine that starts by patiently applying toner on your face. To everyone, you are the ‘mom friend’ who loves tidying up or are affectionately referred to as “Monica” from the hit series, FRIENDS.  You are always concerned about the little things and ensure everything goes according to the plan ?

10. Red Velvet

With its unique but fluffy texture, this donut is one of a kind just like you. You believe in “Carpe Diem” and take each day as it comes. You live each moment of your life, celebrating in an elaborate manner ? You are a bit sensitive to people’s comments but have an easy-going personality, similar to the soft creamy frosting of this pastry.

11. Cronut

This peculiar donut has both aspects of a donut and a croissant ? It also comes in a lot of flavours, which indicates that you love variety. You don’t just stick to one option whether it comes to dining or clothing styles. You love to explore new trends and your friends come to you for opinions on such topics due to your taste in finer things in life ?

12. Donut Holes

If you choose this, you look at the bigger picture. You are the person at work or in university who brings in a box of donut holes to share with peers and colleagues ? Your mantra is “moderation is the key to success”. You know how to handle serious matters and make something out of nothing in desperate situations with your cheerful and enthusiastic behaviour.

Since this study was conducted on a sample size of 25 people, not all assumptions made might be true for you. So, take this with a grain of salt or in this case, a “glaze of sugar” ?

Written and Researched by Jain Susan Thomas

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