Top 15 Milkcakes in UAE to make your day even sweeter!

Def: A tres leches cake (Spanish: pastel de tres lechestorta de tres leches or bizcocho de tres leches), also known as pan tres leches (“three milks bread”), is a sponge cake — in some recipes, a butter cake — soaked in three kinds of milk: evaporated milk, condensed milk, and heavy cream. ?

They’re usually beautifully served on a platter filled with milk/cream to retain its moisture, soft texture and flavor.

Hedel Frank from Bring the food out is one of the few food bloggers who’s consistently eating but never puts on weight! ? She has a major sweet tooth, thus, needless to say, a huge fan of desserts. BTFO is about all things food and it’s been running for 3 years now. Hedel loves all types of food, mainly food that has a story to tell ☺️ The creativity within each dish intrigues her and so does every trend that runs in the food industry (considering the trends in the Middle East changes every other day) ?

Please note, the below is not in ranking order.

1. Rose Milk Cake from B’dou [AED39]

If it’s got rose, don’t let it go. This one has Persian rose petals scattered on the top of the cake and is possibly the best milk cake I’ve had in an Emirati restaurant!

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2. Rasmalai Tres Leche from Farzi [AED38]

Here’s Farzi stretching the concept of Milk Cake the way they also do – with some Farzi-loving. Sittin atop some carrot cream, those are some serious layers 😉

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3. Karak Milk Cake from Treej [AED28]

Who would’ve even thought about this?! Eat your Karak, chai lovers – this one’s an absolute stunner from Treej!

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4. Rose Milk Cake from Chateau Blanc [AED48]

You know what they say, “Once you go rose, you never go back.” Or something like that… Love how beautifully vivid the rose flavour is in this one.

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5. Tres Leches from Waka

It’s just interesting to see how different restaurants stand out shiningly with their creative versions of milk cakes. You must check out this Latin American restaurant’s version of the milk cake, after all, here’s where it all started 🙂

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6. Milk Cake from Crafted Blends [AED15]

This one’s for my peeps in the north, the original milk cake from Crafted Blends. Soaked in three types of milk, this one’s super moist and fluffy.

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7. Rose Milk Cake from Gossip Cafe & Dessert [AED45]

Maybe it’s slightly more than just an infatuation (read: obsession), I would probably head first to Gossip Cafe & Dessert for a serving (or more, seriously, who stops at just one serving?) of their Rose Milk Cakes when cravings arise. They’ve got a range of different flavours feat. Saffron, Pistachio, Lotus, Plain and yes, even Rose. (Leave me alone, okay! Rose is Gold!)

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8. Tres Leches from Asia De Cuba

This one’s made table-side at the relatively new Asia de Cuba in The Westin Dubai Mina Seyahi. The speed with which we inhaled the Tres Leches is reason enough why this makes it to the list.

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9. Milk Toast from Sarabeths

What do you get when a Milk Cake meets the French Toast? A Milk Toast! Creations like these make me so happy!

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And here are a few more recommendations from me ?:

10. Saffron Milk Cake from Sikka Cafe [AED35]

The sauce is served separately on a Turkish Coffee copper pot, so the customer can either go all out or control the amount of milk poured. I personally love saffron in my dessert, so this was a jackpot!

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11. Cornflake & Pistachio Milk Cake from Sukkar [~AED40]

Cornflakes? Rose? Saffron? Classic? Coconut? You name it, they have it. This is one of the few dessert cafes in town that has almost every milkcake flavor in their menu!

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12. Dulce de leche from Parkers [AED50]

Dulce De Leche Milkcake topped with a layer of ice cream and cake flakes versus traditional cream? Nuf said!

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13. Milky Way from Sugarmoo Desserts Lounge [AED48]

Milkcake with oreos, galaxy chocolate shards, chocolate and caramel ? This dessert has been rated the best dessert in the world by Deliveroo. Must be something right? Do try it!

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14. Milk Cake from La Tablita [AED35]

Have you EVER had a milkcake with jalapeno icecream? If not, this ones for you. I was personally not a fan of the icecream as it hindered the beautiful flavor of the milkcake.

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15. Classic Milk Cake from Home Bakery

Never have I had a milkcake with a bowl with such depth that could hold so much milk! If that’s how much you aspire your milkcake to be drowned in, this ones for you!

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That’s all guys! Hope you enjoyed this roundup. Do you think we’ve missed out on any of your favorites? Let us know in the comments below ?


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