My Podcast: The Impact of Social Media on Traditional Business

Podcast host, Dr. Corrie Block, a leading GCC strategist and CEO of Paragon Consulting, has casual fireside panel conversations with experts on driving innovation, leadership, culture within organizations and business strategy. Corrie’s guests are top Entrepreneurs, CEOs and Board Members based in Dubai.

The digital capture of reviews and reactions, searches and likes, has opened us up to a new world where commentary is a commodity, to be generated, harvested, bundled, marketed, and sold to the highest bidder.

We ourselves are no longer just the market, but also the product. Each consumer, knowingly or not, is now an influencer, and in some small way contributing to groupthink and peer pressure on an unprecedented scale and with remarkable precision.

Social media is now a catchphrase for a developing form of intimacy based marketing, where our thoughts birth new products and our fears new services. Perhaps in the coming years, we won’t even have to decide whether or not we like something, we’ll only be made aware of it once it’s certain we already do.

In this episode, we have Guido Mercati, Regional Director at Leo Burnett and Global Council Member at BCMA, Dr. Corrie block, CEO of Paragon Consulting, and myself, Naomi D’Souza, Digital Strategy Consultant at IBM iX, TEDx Speaker, and Influencer, discussing the impact of social media on traditional business.

Below is the 40 minute podcast and a quick 10 minute snippet on YouTube.

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