The Right & Wrong Way To Lock Your Bike

There are many advantages to owning and riding hybrid bikes. They are easy to transport from place to place and they are lightweight. Unfortunately, these conveniences also make them attractive targets for thieves. In many cases, neither owners nor law enforcement follows up on the theft of a bike too aggressively, which makes it easy for thieves to resell them.

The theft of a bicycle or its components, such as a wheel or seat, can be very frustrating to deal with. However, electric bikes for adults also represent a significant investment, meaning that you have more to lose if it gets stolen. Regardless of the type of bike you own, you can protect it from theft by taking sufficient steps to make it an unappealing target.

Right Way To Lock Your Bike

Whenever possible, you should park and lock your bike to a rack intended for that purpose. You should inspect the rack to make sure it hasn’t been tampered with. The bikes on the ends of the rack are more vulnerable, so try to park your bike in the middle if you can. If there is no bike rack available, choose an immovable object installed directly into the ground, such as a street lamp. Make sure that it is not possible, or at least prohibitively difficult, for a thief to merely lift the bike lock-up over the top of the object.

Invest in a good, sturdy bike lock, such as a heavy chain or a U-lock. Cable locks are good for securing components but should not be your first line of defense. If possible, use more than one type of lock to make certain all your bike’s components are secure.

Whatever type of lock you use, be sure to thread it through the frame and around the object you’re locking it to. Depending on the type of lock you use, you can also thread it through the rear wheel. Don’t lock your bike up by the front wheel, as these are often easy to remove.

Wrong Way To Lock Your Bike

Don’t use a bike lock that is easy to cut through, and don’t lock your bike to a similarly vulnerable object, such as a chain-link fence. Before locking your bike to a street sign, check to see that it is solidly installed into the ground. Some have removable bolts that are simply screwed in. Pay close attention while locking up your bike because it is easy to simply thread the lock around the frame without actually attaching it to the other object.

Although a tree is a fixed object, it is also a living thing that is vulnerable to injury. Locking your bike to a tree can damage the bark which, if severe enough, could ultimately kill the tree. Therefore, avoid locking your bike to a tree unless there are no other available options.

When parking and locking bikes or adult tricycles, show courtesy to others. Never lock your bike to another without the owner’s permission. Pay attention to any signs that prohibit bike parking. Keep your bike out of the paths of cars and pedestrians alike.

When you purchase a new bike from an online retailer, purchase a high-quality lock as well. Set aside enough money in your budget for that purpose.

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