How to choose the perfect day bag

Let’s face it, most of the time our bags look like Mary Poppins’: filled with anything you can think of! We like to be prepared in case something happens, as you never know what the day has in store for you.

How many times have you wished you had packed that extra tube of mascara or not forgotten to replenish our stock of chewing gum? In the end, the best thing for successfully getting through the day is to not be caught off guard.

Size and style: which is the best for you?

The most important thing is to have a bag that can fit everything you need, while being stylish and not too bulky to carry around- easier said than done, right? A great solution for finding the perfect bag is to check out online fashion stores where there is an infinite range of bags of different sizes, shapes, colors and materials. For example, on Luisaviaroma there are brands like Gucci that offer bags for women that will last for years. These are great quality, durable and incredibly chic. Although some designer bags can get pretty pricy, think of it as an investment for the future: bags, especially the bigger ones are great for travelling, since they are allowed as carry-ons and can really come in handy if you don’t want to sacrifice style.

As far as style and material goes, the options are truly endless. You may have seen goodies being given in drawstring bags during various corporate events or even parties. It may be quite surprising to know that even these bags from amazon could be used in various ways. That said, all of it comes down to two main factors: the social setting you work in and personal taste. Here are 6 trendy options that range in size:

1. Crochet bag

A crochet bag is very casual and a unique choice for going to work. You can pull this off if you work in a more relaxed setting where dressing casually is acceptable. It can’t fit a lot in it but it’s perfect if you want to keep it light. Definitely a catchy style that will showcase your personality!

2. Bucket bag

The bucket bag is a round bag that is taller than it is wide. It is also recognizable with its popular drawstring closure, both for design and practicality. This bag is generally more on the casual side, though there are options that are well-made with classic leather for a more polished look. If you like a unique style that can fit your necessary items without being too bulky, the bucket bag is a fun way to mix up your handbag collection and style.

3. Tote

Tote bags are usually ‘soft’ bags, made of cotton or another soft material, and range from medium to large size. They are carried on the shoulder, with an arm handle and often times a shoulder strap. If you like to have more with you, the tote bag is a great option as they are spacious, in style and affordable. They are the most suited for every-day work life and travel.

4. Backpack

The backpack has come back in style in recent years, as leather backpacks of medium to small style have re-entered the market with a polished and modern design. The classic large backpack also has a number of new designs that don’t make you feel as if you are on your way to primary school. If you like hiving your hands free this is a great option.

5. Belt bag

The belt bag has recently made a huge comeback and is now a super trendy bag, known as ‘fanny pack’. It is a fairly small bag that is worn around the hips and waist and it can fit only your essentials. However, for when you want a small bag and your hands free, this is a trendy option. It may be particularly handy when stepping out on your lunch break.

6. Off the Shoulder

A shoulder bag has a long strap and is, as the name suggests, worn over the shoulder. The shoulder bag comes in all sizes and can come with a classic leather strap or a chain strap for a fancier option. A small bag shoulder bag with some type of fancy detail, whether it be a pattern, strap, or small detail, is a great option for working in fashion driven environments and for transitioning into the evening.

How to always be prepared: A few daily bag essentials

Aside from the obvious – like wallet, keys and phone – here is a small list of essential items that can be useful to have in your bag:

  • Headphones
  • make-up bag
  • chapstick
  • tissues
  • umbrella
  • planner and pen
  • medicine (you never know)
  • purse friendly snacks
  • reusable water bottle
  • fan
  • scarf
  • wet wipes and/or hand sanitizer

Bag psychology: what does your bag say about you?

The items that you choose to carry in your bag can say a lot about your personality and habits. Which one do you think better represents you?

The Prepared-for-Anything Commuter: Book, earphones, chapstick, notebook, pen, agenda, deodorant, keys, make-up essentials, cell phone, wallet, metro card, tons of snacks, sunglasses, packed lunch… you name it! You have all of the essentials for the day and are always prepared to stay out of the house for long hours. Never caught off-guard, doesn’t like surprises and is generally very organized.

The Working Mummy: Cell phone, wallet, keys, snacks for everyone, toys, baby essentials that usually entails having a second bag for diapers etc! Super organized and always ready, usually forgets to pack things for herself but has all the diaper bag essentials that her children could possibly need. Usually chooses the biggest bags she can find and pockets are essential.

The College Student: Computer, notebook, planner, phone, pen, highlighters, keys, wallet, calculator, phone charger, earphones, protein bar, energy drink. The student has everything she needs to never miss a beat while in class. Usually can be found typing frantically in a coffee shop or sitting in a library surrounded by books.

The Party Girl: Cellphone, wallet, keys, mascara, lipstick, gum. Very minimalistic, yet never underprepared. Bag is usually medium or small and always chic and trendy.

I’d love to know what are your essential items that you always carry in your bag! Also, is your bag huge or are you more of a “less is more” person?

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