Top 10 Karak Chai Spots in Dubai courtesy Rainbow Milk


Ek Karak Chai please … 😀 ☕️

Rainbow was launched in 1955 as one of the 1st multinational brands in the Arab region, offering a range of long-lasting, tasty and nutritious packaged dairy products.

‘Rainbow Evaporated Milk’ is a product made from fresh milk that gives us the nutrients and energy of fresh milk in the concentrated form. No sugar is added to the dehydrated milk, but its creamy texture alone has the capability of enriching the flavours in your cup of tea or coffee. These products are sold in tin packaging for easy storage and transportation over long distances.
They come in 4 varieties – Original Fortified, Cardamom, Low Cholesterol and Low Fat *please find the Nutritional Facts at the end of the post*

Rainbow Milk challenged me to find the BEST Karak Chai spots in Dubai/UAE with the help of my followers. The #KarakChaiQuest kicked off with a post on my Instagram and Facebook asking my followers THEIR favourite spots. Little did I know I would receive TONS of messages in my inbox and my comments – Thank You ALL for  that ❤ It was a task but I finally accomplished combining my personal favourites, the popular and the most favoured spots; the below are my TOP 10 (not in ranking order)!

All the Karak Chai’s below filled me up quickly as they were very rich in flavor, texture and consistency. Please note; I haven’t/couldn’t try each and every suggestion  🙁

1. Al Hara Cafeteria

Cost – AED 2
Name – Disco Chai (has a dash of ginger)
Location – Karama. Click here to let Google guide you

2. Logma UAE

Cost – AED 12
Name – Karak Tea
Location – Boxpark. Click here to let Google guide you

3. Mini Karak Cafe

Cost – AED 15 for Special Karak Biscuit or AED 5 for classic karak
Name – Special Karak Biscuit (sweeter version) or Classic Karak (regular)
Location – The Dubai Mall (next to cheesecake factory in the ground floor) and Mamzar. Click here to let Google guide you to Mamzar

4. Dum Dum Donutterie

Cost – AED 22
Name – Iced Karak Coffee
Location – Jumeirah 2. Click here to let Google guide you


5. Raju Omlet

Cost – AED 3.50 for Cutting Chai and AED 4 for Kadak Chai
Name – Cutting Chai and Kadak Chai
Location – Al Quoz and Karama. Click here to let Google guide you to Al Quoz and here for Karama

6. Koukh Al Shay

Cost – AED 1
Name – Paani Kum Chai
Location – Satwa. Click here to let Google guide you

7. Duniya Al Sham

Cost – AED 1 for Karak Chai and AED 2 for Karak Chai with Saffron
Name – Karak Chai
Location – Satwa. Click here to let Google guide you

8. Spontiphoria

Cost – AED 9
Name – Karak Chai
Location – Wasl Square. Click here to let Google guide you

Spontiphoria Karak Chai

9. FiLLi Cafe

Cost – AED 6
Name – FiLLi Tea Double Zafran
Location – They have 17 outlets. Click here to let Google guide you to the Mankhool branch

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10. Karak House

Cost – AED 12
Name – Karak Chai (comes with 2 glucose biscuits)
Location – Downtown Dubai. Click here to let Google guide you


1 Cup {Source}

Each cup roughly has 12 teaspoons of rainbow milk (90 calories) and 2 teaspoons of Granulated Sugar (32 calories) = 122 calories in total. It has 5.1 gms of fat (out of which 3.3 gms is saturated fat), 14.4gms of carbohydrates (out of which 8.6 gms sugars) and 4.2 gms of protein.

Rainbow Milk Tin (30ml)

Rainbow Milk Nutritional Facts
Click here to read the Nutritional Facts of other varieties.

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