12 Best and Unique Workouts in #MyDubai!

Ditch the boring workouts you do all the time!

Atleast for me, I hate the gym! I’m ALWAYS on the lookout for the craziest, unique and most importantly, FUN workouts in #MyDubai ?

The below workouts are what I found, let me know if I’m missing out on any!! ?

1. Prama (LED workout) by Pavi Gym

Why unique: It is a high-energy workout that provides complete strength and cardio conditioning, burning up to 1,000 calories in just one 45-minute session. PRAMA is functional training via LED enriched stations with pressure sensitive walls and floors and a variety of lighting options. The workouts are controlled and varied, with an endless combination of training programs and intensity levels facilitated by a fitness professional at the touch of a button. Lights on the floors and walls of the gym are controlled by the intelligent PRAMA software, and can be adjusted to fit varying fitness and activity levels.
Duration of class: 45 minutes
Cost: AED75 per class
Contact: +971 4 457 3330

2. Punch by 1six8

Why unique: You punch in a super dark studio with electric blue lights and BLASTING music. Every ~5 minutes you take a break from punching to werkin’ out the rest of your body (i.e. legs, core, etc) ??
Duration of class: 45 minutes
Cost: AED110 per class
Contact: +971 4 325 4499

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3. Bounce FIT or Flippin’ FIT by Bounce Middle East by or FlipOut respectively

Why unique: One of the best forms of cardio. You workout ON the trampoline for an hour – from squats to lunges and push ups, there’s no turning back at this class! Did you know, 10 minutes of jumping = 30 mins on the treadmill? ?
Duration of class: 60 minutes
Cost: AED80 (bounce) and AED75 (flip out) per class
Location: Both studios in Al Quoz
Comparison and videos: Click here

4. Flywheel by Flywheel

Why unique: You ride in a super dark studio with BLASTING music. It includes climbs and descents while working arms with weighted bars. In a Flywheel class, your instructor leads the way, suggesting target resistance levels and RPM’s to strive for. Each bike has a tech-pack that displays your resistance (“torq”), your speed (RPM’s) and your power output (current and cumulative for the class). This allows you to know how you’re performing at all times ?
Duration of class: 45 or 60 minutes
Cost: AED120 per ride
Contact: +971 4 423 2544

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5. Souplesse cycle or Surge

Why unique: Similar to flywheel, but these “rydes”, SWAY left to right ? (only to make it tougher) ?
Duration of class: 45 or 60 minutes
Cost: AED115 (Souplesse) and AED120 (Surge) per ride
Contact: +971 4 554 7346 (Souplesse) and +971 50 451 9515 (Surge) per ride

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6. SUP Pilates by SeaYou (at Sofitel on the palm)

Why unique: You do yoga and pilates on a stand-up paddle (SUP)… ? SUP Pilate’s focuses on the Core muscles. The Core consists of the abdominal, lower back, upper leg, pelvic, buttocks, and rotator cuff muscles. As we focus on the core muscles in Pilates, you’ll be getting a lot more of what you actually need from the workout such as strength, flexibility, muscular endurance, coordination, balance, and good posture.
Duration of class: 1 hour 30 mins, including 50 mins of Yoga
Cost: AED125 (Souplesse)
Contact: +971 4 420 6100 / +971 50 371 5045

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7. Aerial Silk/Aerial Hoop and Pole Fit at Le Cafe de la Danse

Why unique: Not really “unique” per say, but FUN? Yes! Learning how to support and twirl around a hoop or a silk rope on a ceiling, is NOT easy! Going with your girlfriend for one of these classes is SUPER FUN! ? (be ready for body aches the next day, though)
Duration of class: Varies
Cost: Click here
Contact: +971 4 331 1543

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8. Burlesque at Le Cafe de la Danse

Why unique: A dance-workout you would only want to do with your girlfriends ?
Duration of class: 60 minutes
Cost: AED90
Contact: +971 4 331 1543

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9. Aquabiking by L’atelier aqua fitness

Why unique: A combination of aqua aerobics and indoor spinning (underwater cycling). It is a full body work-out that helps you sculpt your arms, abs, and legs at the same time. It offers a rigorous conditioning for your muscles that helps improve your cardiovascular endurance and strength. Click here to read more.
Duration of class: 45 minutes
Cost: AED155 per class
Contact: +971 4 331 1543

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10. Crosscuit (a hybrid of crossfit and circuit training) and Chair Pilates by A-Tone

Why unique: The name says it! Cross-cuit, a hybrid of Crossfit and circuit training based on functional movements that pick elements from HIIT, Olympic weightlifting, plyometrics and calisthenics combined with aerobics and resistance strongman training whereas chair pilates is doing regular pilates, on a chair! (See the video below). I must add, I’ve been to several pilates studios in Dubai, but none have been like A-Tone!
Duration of class: 45 minutes
Cost: AED80-AED110 per class
Contact: +971 4 338 8908

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11. Indoor Mountain Climbing by Mountain Extreme

Why unique: It is not “unique” as such, but is the largest indoor mountain climbing studio in Dubai!
Duration of class: All day
Cost: AED100 for a day #steal
Contact: +971 4 446 6080

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12. Bikram Yoga by BayYoga 

Why unique: I was surprised, but did you know, not too many know what Bikram Yoga is? Sure, they’ve heard about it, but most lack knowledge of it. It’s where you do yoga (26 postures) for 90 minutes in a 40 degrees celsius room with an average humidity of 40%. It involves a unique combination of yoga postures and breathing exercises. It is a routine designed to combat immunity loss, prevent injury, promote weight loss and limit aging effects. Also, the various asanas require one to join the skills of concentration, patience, determination and self-control, thus effectively raising our inner being to a higher level of mental clarity and reduced stress. This was NOT an easy workout (especially when you’re sweating buckets and can’t do anything about it). Click here to read more about the benefits.
Duration of class: 90 minutes
Cost: AED80 per class
Contact: +971 4 425 5960

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13. Indoor cycling at Cadence Theory 

This is the ultimate cycling experience. Hip hop classes, spanky rides, sound theory, ride or die, latino, and many more..all on cycles of course! This is a great way to lose some calories while also lifting your spirits.

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