Most loved dining spots in Dubai, picked by you!

I’ve been blogging for about 2 years now. Needless to say, I’ve visited over 600 restaurants in Dubai and posted about most of them on my Instagram. Since then, several bloggers have emerged, marketed and promoted as many!

I was genuinely curious to know which restaurants amongst 1000’s in Dubai, really made the cut (either via bloggers, the media or organically)?! Thus, I asked my followers to help me out and let me know THEIR favorites! I easily received over 500 responses, below are all of them 🙂

PS: This isn’t an analytical blog post and has no motive. The only intention behind this was to make myself aware of the restaurants that are actually picking up and I wanted to share the same with you guys (most of you asked me to share this post upon completion as well, I’m glad you guys were as interested as I was, so here goes ??)! In total, there are 80 restaurants, thus, I’ve not embedded any pictures.
*’Favorite’ restaurants given by owners themselves have not been included for obvious reasons.

The best part about this exercise was, a lot of people mentioned the same restaurant name! 🙂 I myself haven’t visited these, so I’m definitely going to check them out!

This post is divided into 4 categories;

  1. Dates and Fine Dining (22)
  2. Casual Dining (32)
  3. Bars and Clubs (13)
  4. Dessert Joints (18)

Dates and Fine Dining

The first 6 were mentioned the most number of times. Rest are arranged in alphabetical order.
Highest Scorer – Zuma Dubai

  1. Zuma
  2. Pai Thai
  3. Tresind and Carnival by Tresind
  4. Play
  5. Jodhpur
  6. Toko
  7. Bussola
  8. Coya
  9. Caramel Lounge
  10. Hakkasan
  11. Junoon
  12. Kaleidoscope at Atlantis
  13. La Parilla
  14. Le Petite Maison
  15. Rasoi Ghar
  16. Marina Social
  17. Mint Leaf of London
  18. Observatory
  19. Okku
  20. Patiala House
  21. Thiptara
  22. Wakame

Casual Dining

The first 3 were mentioned the most number of times. Rest are arranged in alphabetical order.
Highest Scorer – Grand Grill at Habtoor Grand

  1. Grand Grill at Habtoor Grand
  2. Fuschia
  3. Safari Grill
  4. Al Afadhil
  5. Al Falamanki
  6. Burger & Lobster
  7. Cafe Aisha
  8. Claw BBQ
  9. Common Grounds
  10. Couqley
  11. Cream centre
  12. Find Salt
  13. Folly by Nick & Scott
  14. Gaucho
  15. Gazebo
  16. Juice Paradise
  17. Kaftan
  18. Malla Cafeteria
  19. Matto Dubai
  20. Pantry Cafe
  21. P.F. Changs
  22. Prax’s
  23. Ravi’s Restaurant
  24. Sicilia
  25. Slider Station
  26. Sum of Us
  27. Spice Klub
  28. Sumo Sushi & Bento
  29. Texas Roadhouse
  30. The Beach House
  31. Xiao Wei Yang hot pot
  32. Walnut Grove

Bars and Clubs

The first 5 were mentioned the most number of times. Rest are arranged in alphabetical order.
Highest Scorer – Lock Stock & Barrel

  1. Lock Stock & Barrel
  2. Lucky Voice
  3. Catch Dubai
  4. Mahiki
  5. Ramusake
  6. Stock Exchange
  7. Cirque Le Soir
  8. Mc Gettigans
  9. Irish Village
  10. Stables
  11. Stereo Arcade
  12. 40 Kong
  13. Dustys

Dessert Joints

The first 7 were mentioned the most number of times. Rest are arranged in alphabetical order.
Highest Scorer (by a large large margin) – Cakeaway

  1. Cakeaway
  2. Dip n Dip
  3. Molten Me
  4. Home Bakery
  5. Freez
  6. Cinnabon
  7. Sugaholic Bakeshop
  8. Black Tap
  9. Caesars Confectionery
  10. Cheesecake Factory
  11. Chilis
  12. Coldstone Creamery
  13. Katrina
  14. Kulfilicious
  15. Laduree
  16. Paul
  17. Scoopi
  18. Sugarmoo

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