10 Games to spook your socks off this Halloween!

Disclaimer: We take no responsibility for any demons that may be summoned or any pants that may be shat. Proceed with caution 🚫

1. Communicate with the dead using the Ouija board

Use a ouija board in a dimly-lit room, lit only using white candles. Pick a participant to ask questions to the dead world, though everyone must place their hands on it 👠Be warned, if you’re going to use a ouija board, you should probably be prepared to fight off any evil spirits. You’re also advised to avoid asking spirits about your death or anyone else’s, this could piss them off!

2. Take an elevator into the afterlife

Sick of human interactions? Wish you could live in another dimension all alone? Well, now you can! 😨 Enter a building with an elevator of at least 10 floors. Visit a variety of different floors in the specific sequence required by the game, but don’t get off the elevator. At the end, a women is said to appear in the elevator. She’ll ask you where you’re going, but don’t look at her or respond. Instead, simply press the button for the first floor. If the elevator ascends to the tenth floor instead, exit there. Welcome to your own personal dimension! Population: you🕴

3. Play with the midnight man

The goal of the game is to invite the midnight man into your home.. but don’t let him catch you. Write your full name on a piece of paper 🔠Poke your finger and let one drop of blood fall on the paper. At midnight, light a candle, place the paper in front of the door, and knock exactly 22 times. After this, open the door and blow out the candle. That’s it! You’ve just summoned the Midnight man. Relight your candle. If it goes out, it means the midnight man is near you. Sprinkle salt around you to protect yourself. What happens if he catches you, you ask? He tortures you till 3:33 am. Fun! 😅

4. Bloody, bloody Mary

New to the dark world? Bloody Mary’s the perfect way to get started! Lock yourself in a small, quiet room, and stand in front of a mirror. The room should be almost completely dark, lit only by a small candle 🕯 Look into the mirror and repeat “Bloody Mary” three times. The incredibly bloodied Mary should then appear in the mirror. You can continue to call out for her, but be warned: those who do are said to end up insane or dead. Bloody hell 🥵

5. Think outside the shoebox

Next up: the telephone game, with a dead person 🔱

Before going to bed, write a letter to a deceased person. Attach two cups using a string, as you would for the telephone-cup game. Put one cup inside a shoebox, and put the shoebox in a dark closet. Speak into the other cup and read your letter. When you’re done, put the letter with the other cup in the shoebox, and put your cup on top of the box. Then turn in for a good night’s sleep… LOL, just kidding 🤣 You’ll receive a call in the form of a dream. Pick up the call, go to the closet, keep the lights off, and put the cup to your ear. The summoned spirit will then reply to your message.

However, if you find the shoebox already opened before you go to answer the call, or if the cup looks like it’s been tampered with – Run. There’s a good chance you just released a spirit back into the human world 👿

6. Stalker alert!

Be warned, this game isn’t for the average player. Fill a tub with water, turn off the light, undress, and climb into the bathtub. Sit down facing the faucet, and wash your hair while continuously saying “Daruma-san fell down”. As you repeat this, you’ll start to see the image of a Japanese woman standing in the bathtub 🛠She’ll then slip, hit her face against the tap, and lose her right eye. Keep your eyes closed and do NOT open them. If you feel any movement in the bathtub or hear or sense anything at all around you, ask the woman “Why did you fall in the bathtub?”. Then, keeping your eyes closed, and keeping the lights off, exit the bathroom and go to sleep. In the morning, the evil spirit of the woman will follow you. Don’t let her catch you! Try to catch her by looking at her over your right shoulder and shouting “Kitta!” ğŸ-£

7. Sweet Baby Blue

Love kids but don’t have any? Now you can play with baby blue! 👶 Lock yourself in a dark room with a mirror. Fold your arms like you’re holding a baby. Repeat the words “Baby blue” 13 times. You’ll feel the weight of a baby in your arms. But be careful, if the weight gets too heavy, get rid of it quickly. If you hold the baby for too long, he will most definitely scratch you. Still won’t let go of him? Get ready to see his demon-mother scream at you through a mirror, maybe even murder you, who knows 🤷

8. Hide and seek for one

Got no one to play hide and seek with you? How about playing with a demon? If this sounds like your cup of tea, I think I understand why no one else will play with you 🙄 Turn off all the lights, light a candle and go into any room with a mirror at 12:01 AM. Keep staring at your reflection until you start to feel a presence. When you feel you good ol’ pal, the demon, in the mirror, say “I acknowledge your presence, I welcome you into my home for a game of hide and seek until 3 AM. Come in now”. If you haven’t already passed out by now, the next step is to run as fast as you can and hide. Be as quiet as possible and make sure you’re hidden really well since the only thing at stake if you are found is your life and soul LOL 🙊 If you make it past 3 AM without getting caught, go to the biggest room in the house and announce that the game has ended and that the demon is no longer welcome and must leave. If you hear a noise right behind you, that’s just the demon leaving. The only incentive to play this game – if you win, the demon will grant you a (realistic) wish! 😮

9. Light as a feather, stiff as a board

This game is best played with multiple people, as it feeds off of the group energy. One person must sit in a chair, or lie on the floor facing the ceiling. The other participants must place two fingers under the volunteer and chant “Light as a feather, stiff as a board” 20 times. Afterwards, every one counts to 3, and lifts the volunteer effortlessly! 😲

10. Deadly insight

Want to get into the spooky Halloween spirits without involving yourself with the dark world? Visit a fortune teller to learn about your own death. But be warned: the results may drive you insane. Spooky on! 🔮

Written and Researched by Najah Bashir

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