How Aromatherapy helps you focus if your mind is preoccupied

Have you noticed that lately there is an increase in the amount of distractions you are faced with on a daily basis? Maybe you are just having trouble focusing your mind on current things right in front of you – social interactions, work issues, family life, etc.

With a rising number of both teens and adults (and seniors) stating that their stress levels have risen over the last little while, it is no wonder that your mind tends to wander at the most opportune moments.

Stress can lead to numerous negative occurrences in your life – from not being able to focus to having health issues (high blood pressure, tense muscles which cause spasms, and so forth). Higher levels of stress also lead to sleep deprivation which in turn leads to a sluggish mind. If a person is both stressed and sleep-deprived; their social interactions tend to suffer, short-term memory is not that great and eventually, the long-term memory will start to suffer as well. Although remedies like kratom strains (find out more about it on the website of Kona Kratom) and hemp-based products tend to provide short-term relief, it is always advisable to identify the root cause of stress and address it permanently before it worsens.

A closer look

All of the above are reasons that people tend to lose focus during the day and let their minds wander or become preoccupied. It’s not necessarily a bad thing but what if it happens during work or during a discussion with your spouse and/or kids? People become irritated and hurt so you suddenly find yourself backtracking and trying to apologize for clearly not listening. Then this incident plays on your mind and your mind is suddenly preoccupied again.

People are turning to alternative methods to increase their focus – exercise, yoga, and mind conditioning combined with memory exercises and even aromatherapy.

This article will focus on how aromatherapy can help your mind focus, even in times of extreme preoccupation so if you are intrigued and want to know more; you’ll definitely want to keep reading.

What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is also known as essential oil treatment as it incorporates the use of essential oils into your daily routine. These essential oils are derived from natural plant sources and contain the essence of the plants for both physical and mental benefits.

This method of anxiety relief and mind focusing exercises have been around for centuries, being practiced in various methods throughout different cultures. It has gained more recognition in the medicine world in recent years, as more patients are turning to natural sources for their health problems rather than chemically enhanced medications. This move towards more natural based products has also been applied to things like mail order marijuana and other cannabis items to help people manage their anxiety in a calming way, however, this is not for everyone and will need to be discussed first with their doctor if they do decide to go down this pathway.

To use aromatherapy properly and effectively, you need to determine the best way to incorporate essential oils into your daily routine. You can try helping headaches with essential oils as it is very commonly used these days. You can use an essential oil diffuser, spritzers, or another appliance that uses water to turn the essential oils into a vapor to be dispersed throughout the air of the home. The option for perfumes, skincare, masks, or bath salts is also a way to incorporate essential oils into your daily routine but it is important to follow the recipe exactly and use a carrier oil, such as hemp oil, coconut oil, or shea butter to prevent negative skin reactions. Essential oils in their purest form can be extremely strong, so it is definitely recommended and required before use.

How it can help focus the mind

Certain essential oils have shown results in the reduction of anxiety and clearing of the mind. One of these miracle essential oils, lavender, has been known to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety in the body to leave the user calm, cool, and collected. This is because the sense of smell is one of the strongest senses the human body possesses and once a certain scent has reached the nostrils, it then sends a signal to the brain to relax. Certain scents from childhood can also have the same effect, such as cinnamon or apple-based aromatherapy, as they invoke happier times when stress wasn’t even on your radar.

Other essential oils can send a signal to the brain to produce an influx of hormones that leave the user with calming or energizing sensations; allowing for the mind to clear and work get completed. Some essential oils can uplift moods, change emotions completely and help the user step back to evaluate stressful situations with a clear mind, such as lemon or sage. One can even think of investing in scented candles instead of oils. When paired with one amongst the Large selection of Himalayan lamps available from companies like The Lamp Life, these scents might just help you improve your mood and reduce stress levels.


Just because life is stressful and crazy at times, there is no reason to have to suffer through each day with your mind racing. Eventually, these racing minds can lead to stress and anxiety, which brings an entirely new level of preoccupation to the forefront. At this point, you may feel the need to use herbal or cannabis products in order to relieve the stress. Also, did you know that in CBD-legalized countries, online retailers offer free weed delivery to your doorstep? However, those who don’t have access to such amenities can rely on whatever tools you have at your disposal – including aromatherapy – which is an excellent way to put yourself, both physically and mentally, at the top of your priority list.

Another way to help focus the mind, as previously mentioned, is to combine your aromatherapy sessions with a meditation session. Both of these have been proven to clear the mind and strength its focus abilities. Even if you are at work, you can indulge yourself in a five-minute mini session of meditation while using your essential oils to calm the mind and become more productive overall.

Don’t let a preoccupied mind ruin your day, hurt your relationships and cause you more stress than you are currently under! Take the time to head over the Better Mind Body Soul to learn more about essential oils, their uses and how to use them properly.

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