Coconut Oil Miracles ~ Weightloss and more

How consuming 2 tablespoons of Coconut Oil daily helped me lose weight and get the perfect complexion

Myth Buster

100gms of coconut oil has 862 calories, 87 gms of saturated fat and 0 gms carbohydrates. If I would say this oil helps you lose weight.. you will definitely not believe me. There is science behind why consuming coconut oil or even ghee helps burn fat! First thing you need to know is not all saturated fats are unhealthy.
It is unfortunate that a couple of soybean farmers in the 80’s created an aggressive ad campaign to increase their market share. Due to that everyone now believes that all saturated fats are unhealthy. This is only true for long-chain fatty acids, not short- or medium-chain fatty acids.

2 Ways it changed my life

1. I started having 1 tablespoon of coconut oil (sometimes ghee) every morning immediately after brushing my teeth – I noticed my ‘dessert’ cravings subsided and my skin started to look and feel good! Raw coconut oil is beneficial for weight loss as it consists of medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs), the kind that are not only good for you, but essential for brain function, muscle function (including heart muscle!), healing, energy and more. It does not raise blood glucose levels and is quickly converted into energy. According to Bruce Fife (in his book The Coconut Oil Miracle), your metabolism will be elevated for atleast 24h. {Source}
This concludes – you will have energy and will be burning fat throughout the day.

2. Applying 1 tablespoon of coconut oil on my face – I once had a big pimple on my cheek and I obviously popped it as I could not stand it! This left a horrible massive black scar on my cheek. I was adviced to use coconut oil by my help but I did not think it would work as oil is greasy and it would no-way heal it! Guess what? It DRASTICALLY reduced within 3 days!!
The fatty acids (Caprylic and Lauric) in coconut oil reduces inflammation internally and externally and keeps your skin moisturized. It protects the skin and has many antioxidants that make it ideal for healing the skin. Click here to see other benefits!

Right after I started this routine I was coincidentally given a product to review – Vita Coconut Oil. Being a commercial product it was hard to believe it was organic, 100% raw, extra virgin and cold pressed – I could smell the coconut oil as soon as I opened the package. It is a 3 in 1 product – you can eat it raw, wear it or even cook it!

Take it from a popular Nutritionist and Dietitian – Hala Barghout “Vita Coco Coconut Oil is one of the healthiest oils to cook your food with this Ramadan. Packed with immune boosting antiviral and antibacterial properties, it helps keep your immune system strong under the stress of fasting. Vita Coco Coconut Oil also aids with digestion and can help in burning fat believe it or not – one of the things we worry about during the fasting month!”

Vita Coconut Oil is new on the market, this little jar of wonders can be added to traditional Arabic recipes and provide a healthier cooking alternative for summer. It is sold in Spinneys for AED29.95 (250ml)

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