What’s going wrong with your blog?

A blog is such a crucial component of any marketing strategy, however, there are many mistakes that bloggers make.

If you are only getting minimal traffic through your blog, it is worth paying attention to some of the following mistakes many startup blogs make.

Not Sticking to a Schedule

One of the most important parts of content marketing is providing regular content. If you do not post regularly, you could see a significant drop-off. While you don’t need to post long-form essays every single week, the lesson is simple: that you devise a posting strategy. Many
SEO services talk about the importance of regular posting, and an editorial calendar for your blog posts done through a content management system is going to work for your audience because they will be waiting for your next blog post, but it also helps your website’s SEO. Which you can also get help with by looking into a white label seo firm as well as further SEO assistance in other areas, so you are doing what’s best for your website.

Not Understanding Your Target Audience

Bloggers try to diversify and this is fine if they have a diverse audience, but in order to make a substantial impact, you’ve got to focus on a very specific set of individuals, but also understand their pain points. Once you gain insight into your audience with the help of an SEO agency that you have hired or with your digital marketing expertise, you can create a better blog strategy that appeals to them. One of the biggest mistakes bloggers make is thinking that their work will be found, in fact, you’ve got to keep your audience in mind when you are writing your blogs. Many marketing agencies talk about creating a marketing persona, which makes it a more tangible subject matter for your audience, but it also allows you to make your content more human and relatable. If you’re looking for more innovative ways of reaching your content across various social media platforms, you could enlist the assistance of a digital marketing firm like Digitrio. To know more about this firm, you could visit here or check for similar SEO agencies near your location.

Are You Keeping Your Readers in Mind When You Post?

Many people make the mistake of starting a blog to fulfill their indulgences. But you have to remember that you need to focus on the audience, not yourself. The goal of a blog is to educate the audience and inspire them to take action by addressing their pain points. This is the reason they visit you in the first place. Appealing to the audience through some
simple storytelling techniques can maintain relevance and encourage people to come back which you can turn into a customer.

Relying Too Much on Social Media

A lot of us think that all we need to do is to throw our content out into social media and we will reap the rewards. Social media is a great source of traffic, but it is far better to focus on getting email subscribers. Along the way, there is a possibility of fake/spam email accounts being added to your list which can harm your email marketing techniques and reach out goals, so it may be wise that you use a tool that can verify email addresses to ensure that you are reaching who you need to and you are not getting buried under loads of spam. Email marketing has been shown to be far more effective believing that high-quality content is all you need. Of course, having engaging posts will go a long way, but this goes back to relying on social media as an effective promotional strategy. If you want to create content that is shareable, focus on content that establishes you as an expert, but is also a foundation to building a business. This may seem like a tall order, but less than 1% of creative content is shared more than 1000 times!

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